‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Agree You Should Probably Skip This Season One Episode

by Jonathan Howard

Most fans would agree that the early seasons of Blue Bloods were some of the very best. However, one Season 1 episode isn’t worth rewatching.

Now, if we go off of online ratings, the episode isn’t too bad. It has above a 7/10 on IMDB. However, Model Behavior was an episode that fans just have never been able to agree on as a whole. There are lots of highly-rated episodes in this first season, so this one definitely sticks out despite having a relatively decent rating.

As usual, this episode had a couple of stories going on. With a fashion show at the center of things, the Reagan family gets to dive into some crime that isn’t quite street-level. This plot feels more Law & Order and less Blue Bloods in that way.

Danny is tasked with figuring things out along with Jackie. The two start to investigate what made all of the models at the show sick. Soon, they figure out that there had been a poisoning at the event. However, they still needed to find out who committed the crime. Meanwhile, the secondary story here takes a wild turn and gets a little too serious for such an early episode.

The Reagans are wrapped up in a church scandal. It turns out their priest has been accused of improper actions. That means he is facing relocation to another country and another area. So, Frank and the rest of the family end up having to deal with the repercussions of that.

Blue Bloods usually does a great job at staying grounded to reality. While the Reagan family is busier than usual law enforcement, fans can get used to them being involved with so many crimes and investigations. However, this episode just went a bit too far.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Await New Episodes Ahead of Olympics

This February, the Winter Olympics will be underway. When that happens, there will be a limited amount of your favorite network dramas and sitcoms. However, Blue Bloods fans can look forward to the end of January for a little bit of light before the hiatus.

New episodes have not come out for a couple of weeks. However, that all changes starting tomorrow, January 21. A brand new episode of Blue Bloods is set to air and the best news is what happens the week after… another all-new episode of the show! That’s right, back-to-back weeks, something that seems rare during this time of year.

There is going to be about a month-long hiatus that almost every show on TV will take. The Olympics are just going to take precedent and competing with the event in ratings just isn’t worth it to the networks. If the Summer Games showed us anything last year, the ratings should be fairly good for the Winter edition.