‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Are Glad One Romance Never Came to Pass

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo Credit: Courtesy of CBS Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

Consider the romance on “Blue Bloods” for a moment. There’s Eddie and Jamie going strong, even though they refuse to open up to each other sometimes. Then there’s the will-they-won’t-they back and forth between Danny and Baez that fans are impatiently waiting for. There’s also Erin and her ongoing thing with her ex-husband Jack. But there’s one romance that fans are thrilled didn’t happen.

According to a “Blue Bloods” Reddit thread, one fan shared the thought, “So glad that they never had Abigail and Frank relationship.” A lot of fans shared this sentiment, but most of them commented that the thought never even occurred to them.

“That thought NEVER crossed my mind. And I highly doubt that was ever an idea that ANYONE involved in the show would even consider,” one fan commented.

“I’m not sure why you’d even think of that,” another commented rather bluntly, “considering that Abigail is married, with children, and that he’s a police commissioner who always believes in upholding the integrity of the position and who’s always in the spotlight, who’s extremely into family values, and whose family would completely lose respect for him if he was ever to become an adulterer.” Well, fair enough.

“We call her his ‘Work daughter ‘ when we watch. A love interest never crossed my mind,” wrote one fan. The original post seemed to share this thought. They reiterated that they were glad “Blue Bloods” stuck with the father-daughter dynamic between Frank and Abigail.

What to Expect From the Next Episode of ‘Blue Bloods’

“Blue Bloods” won’t be airing on CBS until the new year, so what can fans expect from the next new episode? What do we know so far?

The synopsis reads, “Jamie makes a concerning discovery about a former mentor as he helps a neighbor handle a gambling debt.” So it seems like this might be a Jamie-centric episode. Hopefully, he and Eddie get to work on their communication skills; they had a little trouble in the last episode.

But, what about this mentor? Is it Tony Renzulli, who trained Jamie when he first started at the department? Maybe not that literal. Possibly it’s someone his father used to know. Whoever it is, I don’t think it’s someone we’ve seen on “Blue Bloods” before. No matter what they ask for, Jamie will probably help them, within reason, of course. He’s a nice guy, and it’s in his nature to help people, but he’s not going to let himself get pushed around.

Also, the upcoming episodes will see Eddie studying for the Sergeant’s exam. Hopefully, she passes, and can even the playing field between her and Jamie. It doesn’t seem fair that they’re married and he still ranks above her. Maybe that’s what’s been causing some friction in their relationship?