‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Are Going Nuts Over Teaser

by Jonathan Howard
Photo by John Paul Filo. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Last night’s episode of Blue Bloods had a few revelations for fans. However, a teaser before the episode sent fans into a tizzy.

Just when you think you know what fans are going to freak out about they pick up on something completely different. That happened with this teaser that featured Jimmy Buffett! Now, one would think that it would get the Parrotheads losing their heads, but nope.

Of course, Blue Bloods fans picked up on something else entirely. Danny Reagan and Maria Baez were out at a fancy restaurant. Could it be a date? Is something finally happening with the two partners? Or, is there a simple explanation for it? Well, check out the video below and judge for yourself. There is an explanation, but is there more to it than what the show is letting viewers see?

“Baez and Danny better have been on a date,” one fan replied on Instagram. “I miss his old partner – now that would be a smoking couple. Nothing against this one, but it’s odd couple vibes,” another said. “The question is why are they out in fancy clothes together?? I do love Jimmy though,” yet another reply said.

Clearly, Buffett took a backseat here. When it comes to the relationships between the regular cast, fans will overlook any guest appearance. This one was quite a special feature that might have been confusing for a few folks. However, the Blue Bloods team was able to thread the needle and make it all make sense in the end.

As for the Danny and Maria buzz, Blue Bloods fans might want to pump the brakes a bit. Danny has another love interest brewing and viewers aren’t too thrilled about it.

Is Danny Falling for Former Perp on ‘Blue Bloods’?

Now, Danny Reagan has not had the easiest time in the love department. Ever since his wife died, it has been fairly hush, hush. However, that might be starting to change. And no, it isn’t going to be with Baez. At least, not right now. Instead, there is a peculiar match brewing for Danny.

Molly, a woman that Danny had arrested about nine months ago, is now out. Her brother was in some trouble, and she only knew of one person to turn to. Danny. So, Reagan gets involved and then things start to escalate. A whole investigation starts and… there appears to be something between Danny and Molly.

While there are many fans that would rather Danny fall for his partner, this might make more sense. It would be strange for both Reagan brothers to fall for their partners. Not too strange, but perhaps lazier writing. This thing with Molly could end as a fling, or lead to something more further down the line. Blue Bloods fans will have to wait and see.