‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Are Shocked Over This Season 12 Storyline

by Chase Thomas

Blue Bloods is well underway in season 12 of the hit CBS program. While plotlines are heating up all over the place, fans were shocked to see one particular storyline hit the forefront in episode 6: a potential hit on Danny Reagan.

Yes, it was almost the end for Danny in the episode, but as fans were excited to learn, it did not ultimately come to pass that Danny was not long for this world on Blue Bloods.

Fans on Twitter were thankful that Danny Reagan made it out of the episode. One user wrote, “We have to protect you at all costs!!! 💕#bluebloods”.

Another wrote, “Who the hell is trying to put a hit out on Danny???!!! Nope, we can’t be having that!!! #BlueBloods.”

Danny had some fun with fans freaking out about the storyline and his future on the show.

Future of Danny Reagan on ‘Blue Bloods’

Could Danny Reagan one day leave the show? That has to be on fans minds after the show teased his ultimate demise in episode six of season twelve. Was that just a one-time deal or is the world in which Danny Reagan lives going to one day soon crash down on him? After twelve seasons it’s fair to wonder. How long will Wahlberg play the role? Is he still enjoy it?

Well, last year Wahlberg said, “I just know that we’re having more fun than we’ve ever had on the show.”

Seems pretty definitive. As long as the show is fun to make, why stop it. Why leave it? It’s a fair question to wonder. NCIS and CSI and Law & Order all likely feel the same way. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Wahlberg continued, “It’s still the number one show on Friday night for 10 years and it’s been a great run and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon.”

So could we see Blue Bloods wrapping up anytime soon? It certainly does not look likely. Fans are as pumped about the program as ever, and if fans are happy, why rock the boat? Why mess with a good thing? Why write Danny Reagan out of the show if he is good with it?

There is too much future opportunity to pass up. Wahlberg added, “We have a great cast with so many great people, it’s hard to work with them all.”

To conclude he said, “I’ve barely done any scenes with Will Estes in the last season or two, so it’s hard. You look around and three years have passed and you’ve only done one scene with somebody and it’s kind of like, how did that happen? But hopefully, we’ll keep going.”

The possibilities are endless and Wahlberg has more to do on Blue Bloods.