‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Can’t Believe This Character Is ‘Still Single’

by Quentin Blount

Alright, Blue Bloods fans. Do you think that Erin Reagan needs a permanent love interest on the show? There are some people who believe so.

Come to think of it, it is actually surprising that Erin Reagan is still single on Blue Bloods. After all, she is played by actress Bridget Moynahan. So, we know she’s beautiful. But in addition to her good looks, she is also extremely intelligent, passionate, and driven. So, how on Earth does she not have a romantic partner on the show?

That’s the exact question that one Blue Bloods fan is asking on Reddit. They took to the popular forum on Thursday evening to ask fellow viewers if they feel the same way.

“Who else agrees that Erin needs a permanent love interest?” the original post reads. “Erin is smart, beautiful, and classy. So why the heck is she still single? Time for a permanent love interest!”

Does Reddit user u/Middle-Leader-2293 have a point here? Ever since Erin filed for divorce from her ex-husband Jack Boyle, she has had very few romantic interests. And while we know that she is open to dating other people, the right person just never seems to come along. One fan of the show speculated on why that may be, insisting that she is perhaps too caught up in her job.

“Because Erin is also very difficult, obsessed with her job and still not really over Jack,” they said. “She and Anthony should begin bumping uglies in private. It would make her a nicer person.”

Meanwhile, one fan hilariously said that he would take it upon himself to be Erin Reagan’s love interest.

“I volunteer,” they joked.

One ‘Blue Bloods’ Fan Doesn’t Think Erin Needs a Love Interest.

That’s right — another fan of the show shared the opposite viewpoint when it comes to Erin Reagan and her love life. They do not want to see Erin Reagan get tied down and they don’t believe she needs a love interest at all.

“Why does she NEED a love interest?” they asked. “Is she not interesting enough on her own? Is she somehow less than as a woman without a partner?”

As a matter of fact, the commenter went a step farther, saying that fans should respect that Erin is single on the show.

“I know this is fiction, but this attitude is pervasive in our culture. Not every woman NEEDS or wants a man. Many are perfectly happy by themselves. She’s single because she’s single. What about Frank? Or Danny? Maybe they should have the permanent love interest. Or maybe, they too are just fine being single.”

And finally, the OP of the post replied back saying, “Romance makes everything more interesting.”