‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Debate If Frank Crossed the Line With One Scene

by Amy Myers
Photo by John Paul Filo. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Usually, Frank Reagan is the ultimate fan-favorite on Blue Bloods. However, in a past episode, it seemed that the NYPD Commissioner went too far.

Compared to the rest of the Blue Bloods family, Frank tends to keep a level head, even when there’s an issue that hits close to home. Meanwhile, more fiery characters, like his sons, Danny and Jamie, or daughter-in-law Eddie, can sometimes let their emotions get the better of them. Of course, this kind of patience and even temper takes years to master. And that’s exactly why Frank holds the title of Police Commissioner. But even the most experienced officers can make a mistake every now and then.

During Season 9 Episode 9 “Handcuffs,” Eddie and her future husband, Jamie, head to a housing complex where several individuals try to provoke them. While the perpetrators had outstanding warrants, Eddie ultimately decides that they shouldn’t arrest them. Instead, they walked away from the situation altogether. However, following the incident, Frank watched a video from the scene. Afterward, he ordered a raid on the complex which leads to air support and even tactical squads.

In the end, the Blue Bloods team managed to arraign a wanted killer. However, Jamie and fellow officer Garrett still didn’t agree with their Commissioner’s actions. And apparently, neither did the fans.

How ‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Responded to Frank’s Raid Order

Following the airing of the Blue Bloods episode, fans discussed their thoughts on Frank’s conduct in a Reddit post. While most enjoyed the storyline overall, one fan didn’t quite follow why the raid happened in the first place.

“…I realize that they did catch a murderer, but that seems to have been an unintended byproduct. The police can’t (or shouldn’t be able to) go arresting people just because they’ve been insulted or have had shade thrown their way,” the fan wrote.

Another fan pointed out that the Blue Bloods officers arrested anyone with a warrant or even an unpaid parking ticket. So, while the action still seemed extreme, it wasn’t illegal.

“I can’t say that I agree with that as Commissioner Reagan’s response to the harassment his officers suffered, but the show does have a decidedly right-of-center bent when it comes to these sorts of things,” the fan continued later in the conversation.

Even those from real-life blue bloodlines found Frank’s behaviors shocking. And though the raid ended with successful arrests of several criminals, the Blue Bloods Commissioner probably could have avoided needing tactical support had he kept his emotions in check.

Another fan addeed, “I and my father are actually very right wing and he is a police officer, but we agreed that Frank didn’t handle the situation correctly and the ‘shock and awe’ campaign was the worst way to handle it.”