‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Debate the Reagans’ Morals and Outlook on Life

by Michael Freeman

Blue Bloods often brings a number of societal and controversial issues up for discussion. Considering the show centers around the Reagan family, it’s natural their morals and outlook on life are a good conversation point.

The Reagan family dinner setting serves as a place for everyone to wind down and talk. However, it also frequently serves as a place for social commentary and moral dilemmas. Season 7’s third episode “The Price of Justice” is particularly interesting because it made fans take a more intensive look into the family’s morals and ethics.

One example in this episode comes from Danny and Erin clashing about a case involving a rape victim. When Danny can’t find evidence to convict the suspect, Erin becomes frustrated and says she has to release him. Erin pushes Danny to find evidence, no matter how flimsy, to help her prosecute him, but Danny refuses. Fans argue this entire argument is out of character for them since Danny often brings flimsy evidence to her and begs her to pursue the suspect. On the same note, Erin usually tells him she’ll need more, but in this case, the roles are reversed.

Additionally, Erin notes a man cited for reckless driving got off easy. Despite the Reagans talking about honor, they all side with him because he gives money to the department.

A Reddit thread delves into this further, with the original poster noting a huge negative of the show is the family’s self-righteousness. “The show tends to go out of its way to make the main characters morally superior to the detriment of everyone else,” they write.

Overall, though they’re good people, the Reagans may aren’t as perfect as they appear, it seems.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Aren’t Fond of a Certain Season Two Episode Either

It’s one thing for fans to discuss how the Reagan family handles things in Blue Bloods, but another about the show itself. In particular, fans recently discussed unhappiness with a certain episode in season 2.

“Leap of Faith” is the episode in question. In it, a woman turned up dead and authorities initially reported it as a heart attack. Interestingly, the woman’s daughter claims God told her that her stepfather actually killed her. That storyline in and of itself is fine, but Looper notes the way Catholicism is handled irks viewers.

IMDb also lists its score as 7.4 out of 10, the lowest-rated episode of the season. An IMDb user commented on why they think it fell as flat as it did. “The parts regarding Catholicism were really dreadful,” they began. “Didn’t anyone do some serious research for this episode? Canonization begins, not with miracles, but with a careful examination of a person’s entire life for virtues. When is Hollywood going to stop depicting Catholics as though we’re still in the ’50s?”

Not all storylines can be winners, but it really does pay to do your research before covering something like religion.