‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Decide What the Worst Episode of Show Is

by Maria Hartfield

CBS drama Blue Bloods is getting ready to air its season 12 finale. Not one to shy away from a shocking ending, the long-running series follows an Irish-Catholic family in New York. Each member of the family works in some type of police or legal operations such as a detective, a lawyer, a police commissioner, etc.

The multi-generational family of cops works together to uphold the law in New York City at all costs. Patriarch Frank Reagan is the New York Police Commissioner and leads both the police force and the Reagan family. He runs a tight ship within the department as well as his family.

Frank’s eldest son, Danny, is a talented detective, family man, and a war vet. Sometimes, he works to solve cases with his partner, Detective Maria Baez. We can’t forget about the women in the Reagan family. This includes Erin, a New York Assistant D.A., and her teenage daughter, Nicky. Jamie is the youngest of the Reagan clan who aspires to follow the family footsteps into police work.

In Season 1, the Reagan family ends up working with dirty cops with no limits on their actions. Similarly, other season finales have unveiled secret family relationships, weddings, drive-by shootings, and gun-runners galore.

Overall, Blue Bloods is a hit with fans around the world looking for a police drama. The series boasts an 89% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

So, knowing what we know about the high-rated sitcom, which season-ending do you think should appear at the bottom of the list?

The ‘Blue Bloods’ Season Ending to Rule Them All

If we go off of ratings from IMDb, the lowest-rated season finale is at the end of Season 6. The episode “Blowback” initially aired in May 2016. It scored an overall rating of 7.9 out of 10 according to IMDb. A rating of 7.9 isn’t horrible compared to the lowest-rated episode, which comes in at 6.7. However, among all the remaining season finales, “Blowback” holds the lowest rating for the time being.

“Blowback” centers around a police officer who escapes conviction for shooting a teenager. This causes public outrage among the community, which causes a major headache for members of the Reagan family. Later, the guilty cop retaliates and is shot, which further complicates matters.

In an interview with TV Insider, Blue Bloods executive producer Kevin Wade opened up about the episode saying, “Legal and police cases drive the episodes, but we’re careful to choose stories where there’s a built-in dilemma for our characters, and they consult one another as to whether justice is, in fact, black or white. It’s a street-level crime story that ends up drawing our main characters not only into that story but into conflict with each other.” 

New episodes of Blue Bloods air Friday nights on CBS and can be streamed the next day on Hulu. Episodes can also be streamed on Paramount+.

Tune in to see if the next finale will beat the Season 6 finale for lowest rated.