‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Discuss Danny Reagan’s Potential New Love Interest

by Amy Myers
Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS ©2019CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

While Blue Bloods primarily follows NYPD officers through their most difficult cases and pursuits of criminals, just as important to the show are the characters’ personal lives. So when Detective Danny Reagan had a potential new lady, fans were quick to comment on the match.

Danny has had a tumultuous love life in the past. For years, Danny was happily married to Linda O’Shea, an emergency room nurse and the mother of his two sons. Unfortunately, in Season 8 of Blue Bloods, Linda died in a medevac crash. Since then, it seems, for the most part, Danny’s placed his love life on the back burner while he focuses on his career and the rest of his family. However, there was one moment in Season 9 when fans were sure that the Blue Bloods bachelor had found his new beau.

In Episode 9, “Handcuffs,” while the rest of the Reagans are dealing with a raid, Danny meets with a woman named Molly who he put into jail nine months ago. Now a free citizen, Molly enlists Danny’s help in keeping her baby brother out of trouble. Unfortunately, this escalates into a bigger investigation, but all the while, there seems to be a spark between Danny and Molly.

And apparently, some fans didn’t like it.

Following the episode, Blue Bloods fans decided to discuss this new potential love interest on Reddit. One fan was particularly against the budding relationship.

“Are they really gonna hook Danny up with a former criminal?” the Blue Bloods watcher wrote. “Isn’t the old detective falling for a young good looking criminal one of those stereotypes that make other cops not respect you anymore?”

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Meanwhile, others weren’t so critical of Danny and the former prisoner. After all, the hope for criminals that see jail time is that they come out on the other side more upstanding citizens. With this in mind, fellow Blue Bloods fans believed that Danny should treat her no differently than any other potential love interest.

“Why not? She seems sincerely reformed and really dedicated to living a lawful honest life,” one fan countered. “Or is that all talk with little substance? I can only imagine the tension (and potential hypocrisy exposed) she’d elicit at the family dinners, but, hey, people do make mistakes and then turn their lives around.”

Another ventured to say that Molly would help the Blue Bloods detective grow as a person and subject him to new perspectives.

“It sure would challenge Danny to go outside of his comfort zone, having to think and argue to the contrary of everything for which he’s positioned himself in his past…kind of putting his money where his mouth is,” they wrote.