‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Are Growing Tired of This Couple

by Jonathan Howard

There is a lull in the season as Blue Bloods remains on hiatus until the new year. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from discussing the show online.

If you want to find out what fans are thinking, just go over to Reddit. Viewers bounce ideas and ask questions all the time on the message board site. The Blue Bloods subreddit has been full of some hot takes and the latest one might not be so much of a hot take after all.

Redditor, u/ShepardRahl took to the subreddit to talk about one couple that has frustrated fans for some time now. Jamie and Eddie.

“I imagine I might get some sh-t for this, but whatever,” they started the post. “I just finished season 8 and I’ve [noticed] this pattern with Jamie and Eddie where they are all about upholding the law until the law clashes with their moral self-righteousness.” They then gave an example from the season where Jamie and Eddie help relocate some undocumented immigrants instead of calling authorities.

While Blue Bloods fans have had issues with the couple in the past, this take isn’t really flying with those that replied to the post. The original post itself has 0 upvotes. Basically the equivalent of likes on Reddit. However, the top comment has 12 upvotes.

“It sounds like you need a new show to watch,” u/Draano said in their reply.

Another user simply said, “[Yeah] but don’t rain on my parade please.”

Fan Frustration Over Jamie and Eddie

Just last week, fans on the Blue Bloods subreddit talked about Jamie and Eddie. The couple seems to bring up a lot of intense feelings and opinions. While there are other characters that have their own drama going on, the NYPD couple seems to have more issues than most.

U/honeypotbabyxx doesn’t necessarily have an issue with Jamie as much as they do with Eddie.

“Unpopular opinion,” they said. “I’m probably one of the few people who doesn’t like Jamie with Eddie he could’ve done better and we could’ve gotten a better love interest she is just more annoying to me than anything.”

That opinion was largely supported in the replies. “In my opinion,” a reply said. “Both characters were made less likable when Jamie made Seargent. Both played well when they were on the streets and more exposed together.”

Will Blue Bloods keep running with the same Jamie and Eddie dynamic when the season returns?

‘Blue Bloods’ Returns in January

With no Christmas episode of Blue Bloods this season, fans will wait until the new year to catch their favorite NYPD family again. However, we do have some pictures from the upcoming episode that show things could be a little complicated upon the return.

Right now, we have some pictures of Frank Reagan in a courtroom, appearing to be testifying. This could be just about anything. As the NYPD Commissioner, Frank has a lot of responsibility. But what has brought him into court and what implications will that have for the season? Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait and see.