‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Have Questions About Franks Reagan’s Boss

by Joe Rutland

Anyone who has caught Blue Bloods over the reasons knows that Frank Reagan and Mayor Peter Chase do not have a good relationship.

Now, some of the show’s fans have a few questions about the mayor of New York City, who is played by Dylan Walsh.

Yes, Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck, is commissioner of the New York Police Department on Blue Bloods.

We turn our attention to a thread from Reddit for some help. It is titled, “Does Frank Reagan serve under the pleasure of the mayor or the governor?”

And away we go!

The first Redditor writes, “Throughout the series, I have seen that he serves under the pleasure of the Mayor but there was one episode where actor David Zayas portraying Governor Mendez…says that Frank Reagan servers under the pleasure of him (the Governor of New York state). So……which one is right?”

‘Blue Bloods’ Fan on Reddit Says It’s The Mayor Who Has Power

This Blue Bloods fan replies: “Mayor”. That’s it from that one fan but there are more replies.

A Redditor writes, “A governor can remove a mayor and any city-appointed official. Top of the food chain.”

There is this final answer, at least for the thread. “I don’t know about New York specifically, but I don’t see it as being unrealistic that the governor of a state would have some kind of oversight powers over certain chief law enforcement officers, especially the biggest city,” a fan replies.

So, there you go, Blue Bloods fans. Some say mayor; others say, governor.

In the most recent episode Old Friends, Frank and Mayor Chase had one of “those “conversations about a situation involving the NYPD.

The CBS police drama airs on Friday nights at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central.

Cast Member Is Still MIA From Show, So When Will She Return?

While everyone is watching Frank and the Mayor have a moment, there is someone missing from the cast right now on Blue Bloods.

Who are we talking about? Pretty simply said, Marisa Ramirez.

Oh, we mean her character, Detective Maria Baez. See, Baez is recovering from getting shot.

Danny is working with a popular Blue Bloods guest-star, Lyle Lovett.

Lovett has appeared on the hit CBS police procedural drama as Texas Ranger Major Waylon Gates in previous episodes.

That said, the current description does not officially note that Ramirez will be returning to Blue Bloods this week.

But will she return at some point? Yes indeed, she will be back because Baez keeps a needle right in the side of Danny. He cares about her, too, but as a friend and not as a romantic partner.