‘Blue Bloods’: Fans Have Some Major Opinions About the Reagan Family Dinner ‘Full Moon’ Convo

by Lauren Boisvert

On the recent “Blue Bloods” episode, titled “Firewall,” the Reagan family dinner took a bit of a strange turn. In the middle of the meal, Danny pointed out that Eddie had an interesting point, and the table proceeded to discuss how the full moon changes people. The official “Blue Bloods” Twitter recently posted a clip from the episode where the family discusses the phenomenon.

“People get nuttier when there is a full moon,” says Eddie. “And there’s one this week so everybody look out.”

“People are crazy because they’re crazy,” Erin replies, “Not because of the way the planets are aligned.”

“I seem to remember you having an astrology phase,” Jamie cuts in, roasting Erin. Erin denies it, of course.

“Don’t listen to him, he’s a Libra,” Eddie jokes. Honestly, she seems like the type of person who would get really into the zodiac.

“Personally I think astrology’s crap,” says Danny, “but as someone who’s done their share of midnights, full moons definitely make things get a little hairy out there on the street.” Whether or not that’s a werewolf pun is beside the point. “Blue Bloods” fans had some stories of their own in the comments, replying to the claims that full moons make people a little crazy.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Discuss Full Moons

Fans took to the comments section on Twitter to talk about their experiences, many of them working as first responders or law enforcement. “Some people are sensitive to the change in energy while it doesn’t phase others a bit,” one fan started. Others followed suit with their own stories.

Another fan made a bold claim, writing, “I worked in an all girls high school for 10 years. I can unequivocally state that a full moon CHANGES people. The counselors, teachers, and staff could always tell one was coming. The myth is 100% factual.” Working with high schoolers is already crazy enough, I can’t imagine working with them on a full moon.

One fan who works as a dispatcher for the Toronto Police Service wrote, “I literally shudder when driving to work and I see a beautiful, shimmering full moon. I know my officers and I are in for a nonstop night!!” They also tagged the comment “tpsdispatchersrock.”

“I’m with Danny and Eddie,” wrote another fan, “having worked many ‘full moon’ night shifts, the mood definitely changes and there’s more than a few howling at the moon.”

There is a myth that more babies are born during full moons, as one fan pointed out. While that’s not completely true, there is a similar phenomenon that women go into labor more easily during a storm. It’s the change in barometric pressure that does it, according to Duke Health. Whether or not the full moon actually changes people, or if it’s just a pervasive myth that we’ve all come to believe, it still makes an interesting dinner conversation.