‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Love How the Show Is ‘Refreshing’ in Today’s World

by Shelby Scott

Outsiders definitely love their weekly dose of procedural cop shows. However, we must admit that after so many seasons, some become repetitive and cliché. That said, as “Blue Bloods” reigns as one of CBS‘s most beloved crime procedurals, at least one fan believes the criminal drama is “refreshing.” At least in the sense of current “cop procedurals.”

Usually, “Blue Bloods” fans have a lot to contribute to the subject, especially when one questions the drama’s success. However, for one Reddit user, their query received very little feedback. Nevertheless, the user, wrote, “Somehow 10 years later, this show doesn’t seem cliché in today’s world.”

The Reddit user expanded on their explanation. They stated, “I followed till season 4 before I gave up, but I came back for season 11 at the end of 2020. It suddenly seems like this is the only series that has a very different narrative comparing to all other current cop procedurals. Although some stories are not perfect, it’s still very refreshing.”

Having not watched a major chunk of “Blue Bloods,” omitting six of now-12 seasons, it leaves a relatively large gap. Therefore, I can’t say with what accuracy the Redditor made the claim. That said, they did receive some input from another “Blue Bloods” viewer.

They stated, “That’s because you haven’t watched seasons 5-10. The show is highly repetitive and cliché from season to season.”

Unfortunately, there are certain aspects of crime dramas that must be included to contribute to what makes up this sort of show. That said, as the original poster shared, it doesn’t make things perfect, however, it does provide a foundation.

Nevertheless, for fans with less critical mindsets, we can look forward to the return of “Blue Bloods” Season 12 following its midseason hiatus. The next brand new episode premieres this Friday, January 7th.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Pays Betty White Tribute with Moving Message

Despite the seeming disconnect between “Blue Bloods” and Betty White, it appears there’s no facet of American entertainment the beloved actress, comedian, and overall sweetheart did not affect. That said, among many other stars and celebrities, “Blue Bloods” star Bridget Moynahan shared a sweet message for the 99-year-old icon following her New Year’s Eve demise.

With a simply bright and cheery image of White boasted on Twitter, the “Blue Bloods” star wrote, “Rest in Peace [Betty White]. Maybe she picked New Years Eve so we can celebrate her life every year! Petition for [Betty White Eve] anyone?”

Although the “Blue Bloods” star already boasts an impressive Twitter following, we’re sure fan love for the actress only grew as hordes of followers took to the comments to share in Moynahan’s sentiments.

“Your positivity is why I love you, B. What a sweet idea,” commented one of the star’s followers.

Another supported the “Blue Bloods” star’s idea with, “I like that idea…Rest in Peace Queen Betty.”