‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Loved Seeing Lyle Lovett’s Reappearance

by Joe Rutland

If you want to know how Blue Bloods fans feel about Lyle Lovett coming back as Waylon Gates, then know they are in love with it.

They really, really like the singer coming back to play that role of the Texas Ranger on the CBS police drama.

A story from Looper helps us see fans up in arms (in a good way, Outsiders) about this situation.

The recent Blue Bloods episode was titled Old Friends and it saw Gates team up with Detective Danny Reagan, played by Donnie Wahlberg, on the streets of New York City.

So, what did fans say?

One Redditor writes, “I like the Texas Ranger. I liked his interactions with Danny.”

Another one replies, “Loved it, but it felt a bit rushed compared to most episodes.”

This Blue Bloods fan writes: “Hoping this isn’t the last time they are together.”

And, of course, this fan says, “Definitely awesome when they team up again.”

Catch a new episode this Friday at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central, on CBS

‘Blue Bloods’ Might Have Dropped A Hint About Another Lovett Appearance

OK, so Blue Bloods fans have already expressed their happiness about Lovett being on the show.

Could there be another one coming up soon? Well, what do we have here!

Apparently, the show’s Twitter account dropped the tip.

“Not their first rodeo nor their last.”

This comes along with a picture of Lovett leaning against his truck alongside Danny Reagan on Blue Bloods.

Upon reading this news, fans replied by writing, “Hoping this isn’t the last time they are together. @LyleLovett @DonnieWahlberg awesome team.” And this reply: “Definitely awesome when they team up again.”

This fan might sum up other fans’ thoughts succinctly: “‘nor their last.’ Well, I’m here for @LyleLovett round 3. Danny and Gates make a great team. One of my favourite [spl] guest stars!”

Well, we know that Lovett does get a lot of love from fans. Even those who really don’t follow him in his musical career will know him from playing Gates.

Jimmy Buffett Coming Up On This Friday’s Episode

So, that’s it for musicians on the show, right?

Oh no. We all know that Wahlberg is a member of New Kids on the Block.

We’re talking though about Blue Bloods and Jimmy Buffett this coming Friday night.

The episode is titled On the Arm.

Expect the show to follow its usual serious, dramatic tone. We can probably get some sweet one-liners between him and Wahlberg.

Thankfully, this CBS show has not been hit by a COVID-19 breakout and forced to delay production. If that happens, though, we will let you know, Outsiders.

Tom Selleck, Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes, Vanessa Ray, and Len Cariou are other cast members on the show.