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‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Have Mixed Feelings About Friday’s Episode

by Jonathan Howard
Photo by John Paul Filo/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The last episode of Blue Bloods has fans feeling a little…meh. There are a lot of mixed feelings about how fans like the show on Friday.

As with all fan opinions, the best place to go has to be Reddit. Fans flock and offer up their feelings and that is no different with the Blue Bloods fanbase. This week, the topic was simple. DaveOJ12 posed the simple question, “What did you think of tonight’s episode?”

The top response sums up the feelings of most of the responses. With the most upvotes, two users went back and forth.

Lottoman1948 said, “Good episode but where were Jamie and Eddie? They had no storyline and no scenes except at the rushed Sunday dinner at the end. Vanessa Ray is so beautiful, missed seeing her out and about.” They continued their analysis. “Why did Frank transfer Detective Reddick – because she did such good work? Reddick made an exciting addition to the team. Had she stayed on board, there probably would have been plenty of more head-butting between her and Sid, which would have made for some compelling drama.”

There were a few fans that were in agreement. It was a solid episode, but there were also a lot of moving parts and even new characters. Another user put it this way, “It thought it was some Bizzaro World episode. New characters out of [nowhere]. Grown women singing in the hallway. Vietnamese mafia. It was crazy!”

Right now, fans are also worrying about not having a new episode for next week. The show is going on hiatus for Thanksgiving. So CBS will not feature the new Blue Bloods this upcoming Friday. Season 12’s next episode is titled Reality Check.

‘Blue Bloods’ What to Expect in ‘Reality Check’ Episode

When the show comes back on December 3, Blue Bloods is giving us more action around the Reagan family. Erin, who just revealed she isn’t running for District Attorney, is going to have to come to some kind of resolution with her struggles. It is a big decision to make and there might not be a straightforward answer.

Of course, the rest of the family has their own issues that they are dealing with. Danny is usually in the streets trying to solve crimes. Despite the fact that some folks don’t like to talk to police, Donnie Wahlberg’s character was able to get to the bottom of his last case in interrogation. Next week likely means a new crime and a new problem for the NYPD crew.

The one-week break should give Blue Bloods fans time to reflect on the season up to this point. Perhaps Erin will be able to reflect ahead of the next episode. If she decides to run for DA, that could mean further drama at work.