‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Want To See More of Danny Reagan with This Character

by John Jamison

What better love interest for a detective than a psychic? No, seriously. That sounds like it could be its own show. But until that happens, we’re happy to keep watching the episodes of “Blue Bloods” that feature Callie Thorne’s psychic Maggie Gibson. Some fans of the show are convinced that she would make a perfect match for Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan.

Callie Thorne first appeared on “Blue Bloods” in 2019. Her psychic character has helped Danny Reagan and Maria Baez with a few cases over the past few seasons. Even though Thorne’s character hasn’t been around much, she has a connection to Danny due to her acting as a medium to communicate with his late wife, Linda.

Thorne has only appeared in four episodes of “Blue Bloods,” including the Season 12 premiere on Friday night. With her appearance coming at a time when many are wondering if Danny and Baez are going to get together, it has the internet curious.

“Please tell me I am not the only person who would love to see Danny and the psychic, Maggie Gibson,” a user by the name of mcderin23 posted to Reddit. “Do not get me wrong. I also would like seeing him in Baez get together, but something about Maggie really appeals to me for them being a couple.”

Well, mcderin23 proved to be far from the only person thinking along these lines.

“Yes! I absolutely agree with you! They’re great together and I’d love to see them become a couple before the series ends,” AnnaNonna responded.

“They look really good together,” Powerful_Factor1887 observed.

A few even spoke on how much they’d hate seeing Baez and Danny get romantically involved. Perhaps “Blue Bloods” knows the partner/romance direction would be divisive and, instead, is bringing Maggie the psychic around to stay.

All ‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck Has to Do is Say the Word and A Character Gets Involved

Of course, the cast generally isn’t making decisions regarding story direction. But Tom Selleck is Tom Selleck. He’s a TV legend, and his presence on “Blue Bloods” is a significant reason for the show’s success. Finally, after 11 seasons, CBS announced that Tom Selleck would be credited as an executive producer.

But the fancy new title is more of a title than anything. The Frank Reagan actor has been exerting his influence over the show from the beginning. An interview that Gregory Jbara, the actor who plays Frank’s right-hand man, did with StarryMag revealed the reason for his presence on the show.

“The truth is I got hired because Tom said, ‘I want Greg Jbara to play the role,’ Jbara said in the 2020 interview.

Who knows? Donnie Wahlberg may be feeling some chemistry with Callie Thorne. Perhaps he’s earned his right pull a Tom Selleck and say something like ‘I want a romance with the psychic.’