‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Praise Most Recent Reagan Family Dinner Scene

by Lauren Boisvert

The Reagans got on an interesting subject at Sunday dinner in the most recent “Blue Bloods” episode. The family got on the topic of first kisses and fans loved the lighthearted exchanges between them.

The family was first insisting that Jamie should divulge who his first kiss was to Eddie. He replied that she hadn’t told him hers. Everyone went around the table then and shared their first kiss story. Erin kissed two brothers; Danny kissed a girl who “knew her way around hickeys,” Frank shared that he never had a real kill until he kissed his wife. Then it comes back around to Jamie and Eddie. Eddie reveals that her first kiss was with a girl at 5-years-old. Jamie tells them all that it was with the Rabbi’s daughter.

All in all, it was a funny scene of familial bonding, and fans ate it up. A few posted about the scene on Twitter, expressing how much they loved it, and how much they laughed. One fan commented, “best family dinner ever,” to which Donnie Wahlberg replied, “Agree!” So, it seems like the scene was fun for everyone involved, fans and actors alike.

‘Blue Bloods’: Everything to Know About Next New Episode

The next new episode of “Blue Bloods,” titled “On the Arm,” features an unlikely guest star; none other than Jimmy Buffett playing a con artist pretending to be…Jimmy Buffett. Danny goes after the con when he’s tricked into paying for his meal at an expensive restaurant. This seems like it will be the comic relief of the episode, most likely provided quips and one-liners from Danny.

Additionally, Frank has to go to court over a police captain abusing her power. She’s been using her badge to get free stuff from various stores in the area. Is she doing it just because she can? Or is there some deeper meaning behind it?

Erin will have to fight for her reputation when she’s the subject of a malicious police blog. Someone may be spreading rumors about her anonymously, and she will have to find out who. Hopefully, if the website is full of slander, they can get it shut down.

Lastly, Jamie learns about a “decades-old saluting rule.” Sounds like someone is yanking his chain in the precinct and wants to see him make a little fool of himself. Either that, or there really is a decades-old saluting rule, and Jamie’s been saluting wrong his whole time on the force.

Also, what’s Baez doing lately? There hasn’t been any word about her. Is she going to assist in the Buffet caper? Or is she still taking a break after being shot before the hiatus?

For all this and more, we’ll have to wait for the next “Blue Bloods” episode, “On the Arm,” which airs on January 14 on CBS.