‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Realize One Character Was Missing from Latest Family Dinner Scene

by Taylor Cunningham
Photo by John Paul Filo. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Did you know that only two Reagans have ever missed Sunday night dinner on Blue Bloods?

Well, that was true until last night’s episode.

Up until the December 3rd episode of Blue Bloods, Linda and Danny were the only two family members to ever miss out on the iconic dinner scenes that we’ve all grown to love. And they had a good excuse for skipping Frank’s home-cooked meal, too. Linda was shot while on duty at the hospital and Danny sat with her in the ER.

However, this week, Joe was absent during the family dinner. And the other characters never mentioned anything about him or where he could have been.

Granted, Joe is a newer character who is finding his place with the family. He’s the son of Frank and Mary’s late son, who also went by Joe. And he’s only appeared in seven episodes so far. But he’s still a Reagan, and all of the Reagans are expected to gather around the table each week.

So considering how important those meals are, a few fans were puzzled by the situation. And one Blue Bloods aficionado was so perplexed by Joe’s absence that they posted about it on Reddit.

Joe Missed Last Weeks Reagan Dinner and ‘Blue Bloods’ Redditors Would Like an Explanation

“Why wasn’t Joe at Sunday dinner in the latest episode?” asked mrootbeers. “The last episode made a pretty big deal out of him being there. I like that character. I was hoping they’d involve him a bit more. Then again, the show already has a large cast to highlight.”

A few other Redditors noticed the empty chair on the episode as well, and they were a little annoyed. One Redditor is upset that Blue Bloods has been setting Joe up to be a major character, but hasn’t followed through with any plot lines. And they think Joe’s place on the series feels strange.

“It is kind of irritating how they made him going undercover such a huge thing and then pretty much moved on and It felt weird,” they wrote. “… It feels like he just pops in and out with no real explanation…”

Another user mentioned that Joe’s character is a lot like Jack Boyle. Jack is Erin’s ex-husband and father to Nicky. The character is an antagonist. So he isn’t as well-liked as Joe. But the writers set him up to have a steady storyline. However, he’s only appeared in 12 episodes.

Since last week’s episode never mentioned Joe during the weekly dinner scene, we’ll probably never know why the character wasn’t in attendance. Obviously, the writers hoped no one would notice. But hopefully, Joe will make his way into more episodes in the future. Because we agree with the Redditors. He’s an interesting guy.