‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Are ‘Sick and Tired’ of This Character

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

One of the draws of Blue Bloods has to be the characters that fans connect with and enjoy. However, not everyone is a fan favorite.

Whenever fans want to talk amongst themselves about their favorite show on TV, they head over to Reddit. The Blue Bloods subreddit is always busy with questions and hot takes. Not everyone always agrees of course, but this take seems to be a popular one among the fans on the online message board.

“Getting a bit sick and tired of [Sidney Gormley],” u/TheFantasticXman1 posted. “I used to like Sid, but he’s always gotten on my nerves with his [unabashedly] pro-cop stance. He always supports cops no matter what and whilst that’s not inherently a bad thing, he goes too far with it sometimes. Like how he supported a cop assaulting another cop just because said cop had an opinion he didn’t agree with.”

The post went on further and explained what else the Blue Bloods fan didn’t like about the character. Lieutenant Gormley can be very pro-cop. More so than other characters in the show. No matter what, Sidney sticks to the thin blue line.

“Sid is the literal embodiment of what people dislike about cops,” the Redditor continued. “Covering up for your fellow officers when they do illegal (or just downright bad) things and supporting them even when you know they’re wrong, and then he wonders why people hate the police. I fully supported Frank suspending that cop who assaulted the other one and Jamie reporting Coolidge. They both deserved what they got. Cops shouldn’t be held above the law.”

Blue Bloods fans were quick to agree.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Don’t Like Sid

So, from the replies to the Reddit post, it is clear that Sid is not popular. He does serve a role in the show, though. Not every character can be one that fans love and not every single person on the show is going to have the best views all of the time.

For u/BrighterSage, the lieutenant hasn’t changed much. But, he serves a purpose. “I don’t think his character has changed, he’s just getting more episode time. Sid was hired because he’s a cop’s cop.”

Another viewer thought that it was out of character for Gormley.

“This episode was definitely out of character for him,” u/MattCW1701 replied. “While he will sometimes start out inherently on the cop’s side no matter what they’ve done, he’s always come around in the end, so seeing him stay in this position was od and contradicts what I think a core message of Blue Bloods is.”

While the Reagan family gives fans an entire group of wonderful folks to look up to and appreciate on the show, there has to be some conflict. So, Sidney sticks by cops. That’s a very realistic character for a show like Blue Bloods. Although he may be frustrating, his role is needed to add depth to the show.