‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Are Split on Latest Episode, ‘Old Friends’

by Jennifer Shea
Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Last Friday, Blue Bloods was back with a new episode. And judging by fan reactions, it may have been the most polarizing episode of the season.

On Reddit, fans gathered to discuss the episode and to offer their verdict: thumbs up or thumbs down. The episode drew totally opposite reactions from different fans, with some applauding it and others accusing the show of getting stale.

Still others said it had been so many weeks since a new episode aired that they didn’t even realize Blue Bloods was back from its holiday hiatus.

Blue Bloods Fans Divided on New Episode

The initial fan reaction was positive. Some fans complimented guest star Lyle Lovett, who played a Texas Ranger trying to work with Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) to track down and halt a major drug shipment.

“Loved it, but it felt a bit rushed compared to most episodes,” one fan posted. “It was my first episode to watch on cbs. Normally watch on Paramount+ but don’t feel like paying a sub for it anymore.”

But other fans quickly joined in to rain on their parade. They picked apart the episode’s plotline and believability.

“I thought this was the worst of the season,” another fan countered. “Danny whining about working with another agency is so old! Frank disciplining a minor spat between 2 cops while Sid and Eddie encourage Jamie to overlook an unethical ex-cop was ridiculous. The show is running out of fresh material!”

The new episode, “Old Friends,” included an appearance by Lovett as Ranger Waylon Gates. This time, the country star played a Ranger who had just gotten a promotion to Major. And he was spearheading the federal investigation into a massive shipment of illegal drugs approaching Manhattan.

But that wasn’t Gates’s only motive for being in New York. Soon after members of a gang that had worked with the drug cartel were found slain and left with a distinctive mark, Danny learned that Gates’s old partner had been murdered and found with the same mark. Was he out for revenge against the killer who cut down his partner?

In the end, Danny and Gates managed to work together to track down the killer and the fentanyl-laced drugs, per PopCulture. And the Reagan family reunited for another Sunday night dinner.

All told, it was classic Blue Bloods, and what may seem a little stale to one fan might be comfortingly familiar to another. It’s all in the eye of the beholder, so make sure to catch Blue Bloods for yourself Friday nights at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.