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‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Still Can’t Get Over One Tragic Moment

by Jonathan Howard
PHOTO CREDIT: Craig Blankenhorn/CBS © 2017 CBS. All Rights Reserved.

There have been a lot of episodes of Blue Bloods that touched on sensitive subjects. However, one Season 7 episode is really heavy.

Longtime fans will remember the episode. Back in the seventh season, Love Lost was one of the more emotional chapters. The episode featured a very interesting case. There was a wife and mother that was found smothered to death at her home.

Danny Reagan got the main storyline in this episode. As he studied the case, things didn’t add up. There was too much that wasn’t making sense for the Blue Bloods star. So, Danny kept doing his investigation. What he discovered was truly heartbreaking.

The case was sad enough. Mostly because there was a young child involved, and they now had no mother. What wasn’t clear from the beginning was the fact the woman had cancer. It was terminal. Through all of the pain and the treatment, the couple sought out alternative options.

The New York residents went to Vermont where assisted suicide is allowed. While the doctor gives them some drugs to induce the death, they didn’t work. They were either fake, or something else was up. So, with no other options in front of them, the husband did what he could for his wife. They decided he would smother her and end her pain.

Once Danny found out, of course, the Blue Bloods detective had to make an arrest. Now, the husband wasn’t a malicious or evil man, necessarily. However, Reagan had to abide by the law. This is one of those episodes that are hard to watch. However, it is also a good one to make fans think about what criminality is, who commits crimes, and why.

Donnie Wahlberg Back Behind the ‘Blue Bloods’ Camera?

One of the things that CBS does well is incorporating the stars of their shows as much as possible. When you think about shows like NCIS, CSI, and even Blue Bloods, there are more ways than just acting that the stars get involved. From executive producing to directing, there have been plenty of chances for stars to get behind the camera.

Donnie Wahlberg has only directed one episode of the show. It was back in Season 4 and was a pretty good showing. The episode received solid but not stellar reviews and fans seemed to enjoy it. Recently, the actor teased the fact that he might have to direct a new episode soon. If he does, fans will get to see some of the vision that Wahlberg has for the show.

Getting actors behind the camera to direct is great. It can give the show some healthy variety and diversity. Sometimes, after acting in a show for so long, the stars can tweak the angles of stories or characters to give them something new and exciting. Hopefully, if Wahlberg does direct again, he can do that for Blue Bloods in the best way possible.