‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Voice Complaints About Latest Episode Featuring Jimmy Buffett

by Jonathan Howard

While Blue Bloods fans are pretty dedicated to the show, they don’t love every episode. The Jimmy Buffett episode left something to be desired.

One of the hard parts about the show has to be all of the stories going on at once. Sometimes there are three, four, five storylines happening at once.

Fans took to Reddit to talk about the latest episode. Whenever fans have a need to ask a question or discuss seasons, episodes, characters, and more they can go to the Blue Bloods subreddit. One fan, u/kashell2000 took to the message board to mention they were “Disappointed in last [night’s] show.”

“It seemed like all four segments were confusing and written by interns… The Jimmy [Buffett] appearance was totally wasted on the weak storyline and huge plot-holes. How did the “real” JB find out about Danny paying for the bogus JB’s dinner? And if he was being so generous with the guy, letting him live out his fantasy a couple of days a year, then why wasn’t he giving him a night or two in a hotel and a couple of dinners himself?”

Indeed, that is a good question at the end. Why wouldn’t Buffett send a couple of bucks the way of Dickie Delaney, the man pretending to be the singer? The poster also complained about the other storylines with Jamie and Erin. There were more Blue Bloods fans that thought the episode was a bit underwhelming.

“Yeah, not one of my favorite episodes,” u/DenyingDrunkeness replied. “I wanted a deeper dive into the Jamie thing. Because it felt like a power trip to me. Plus, was Erin really dumb enough to believe it was Anthony saying all of that? Even for a second? Really poor episode.”

Has ‘Blue Bloods’ Gone On ‘Too Long’

When it comes to this latest episode, it seems that this group of fans was not impressed at all. In fact, it had them saying some wild stuff! One user, laramie66 said, “[Blue Bloods] has gone on too long.” It had to do with the Buffett appearance, and the show overall, apparently.

“I don’t usually [watch] but I stayed just to see why Jimmy Buffett needed the money. How sad for all involved. But hey, the cast is laughing all the way to the bank.” Another fan replied to that comment and said, “Yes, the show has [passed its] expiration date. Reminds me of [an] athlete who doesn’t know it’s time to retire.”

Now, to be fair, these replies didn’t have dozens and dozens of upvotes. However, there weren’t any comments that were positive for the episode. The appearance of Buffett was interesting. However, when the storylines are so spread out, it can be hard to thread the needle.