‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Want Better for Jamie Reagan

by Jonathan Howard

It is the offseason for TV as the winter sets in and we wait for a new year. So, Blue Bloods fans are busy talking about their favorite show online.

When you want to check the pulse of the fanbase, Reddit is a good place to start. There you can see all the hot takes and opinions about the show, characters, actors, and more. So, it isn’t any surprise that this latest post came through over on the Blue Bloods subreddit.

User honeypotbabyxx posted, “Unpopular opinion I’m probably one of the few people who doesn’t like Jamie with Eddie he could’ve done better and we could’ve gotten a better love interest she is just more annoying to me than anything.”

Well, if we are judging this take by the replies below it, then this is actually a very popular opinion. Or perhaps the folks that feel strongly about it felt the need to post while others did not. However, all we have is the evidence before us and it says that Eddie and Jamie are not popular characters.

“I think all of the characters ebb and flow when it comes to favorable or unfavorable,” another user replied. “Eddie feels like she was put in to counter Jamie’s lack of emotion and Spock-like attitude. In my opinion, both characters were made less likable when Jamie made Seargent. Both played well when they were on the streets and more exposed together.”

Blue Bloods fans don’t hold back. They are going to let their opinions be known. However, is there more to the Eddie and Jamie issues than what’s on the surface? Perhaps.

Viewers Don’t Like the Self-Righteousness

As you scroll through that Reddit post, there are many replies that reiterate the same thing: Eddie and Jamie can be a little too good sometimes. Fans know that the Reagan family is supposed to be an ideal group that rarely makes mistakes. Most of the time, their mistakes are seen as out of their control.

Here is how one reply put it, “I can appreciate this point of view. Eddie and Jamie can both be a bit too self-righteous at times. But what annoys me more is their lack of development as a couple… Most of the stories with them lately have been ‘we hide stuff from each other, fight about it, then make amends.’ Though this latest episode they had a normal conversation for once.”

Blue Bloods fans just aren’t big on Eddie and Jamie and the current storyline they are both on.

‘Blue Bloods’ Vanessa Ray on Jamie and Eddie

For those interested, Blue Bloods star Vanessa Ray talked about Jamie and Eddie’s relationship. Clearly, the writers want there to be tension between the two. That tension should turn into character development, but it just seems like it isn’t going anywhere.

Perhaps the reason why we haven’t seen anything move the needle on the two is due to what Ray has said about the two. “There’s a lot of learning curves and a lot of figuring out what their relationship looks like,” the actress said. Well, fans are waiting to see where those curves lead.