‘Blue Bloods’: Frank Reagan Faces a Digital Threat in New Sneak Peek

by Joe Rutland

It appears, Outsiders, that NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan is facing a serious digital threat in an upcoming Blue Bloods episode.

Tom Selleck, who plays Reagan in the CBS police drama, is shown in this new trailer for this Friday night’s episode.

Let’s take a look and see what’s going down on Blue Bloods.

When the “dream team” shows up and has to get Franks’ attention, then the show enters a new level of urgency.

Outsiders, the “dream team” that supports Reagan includes Gregory Jbara, Abigail Hawk, and Robert Clohessy. Jbara plays Garrett Moore, NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Public Information. Hawk plays Abigail Baker, Primary Aide to the Commissioner. Clohessy appears as Sid Gormley, Special Assistant to the Commissioner.

What will happen on Friday night in the episode titled Reality Check?

Obviously, this inside look into it lets us know Frank Reagan is going to be under pressure.

Blue Bloods is on Friday at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m Central, on CBS.

‘Blue Bloods’ Actor Hawk Deals With Tough Situation In New Episode

Those who have watched the CBS police show for years know that Abigail Baker is closely connected to the Commish. In fact, when things get tough, it’s usually Abigail Hawk that supports her boss.

On Blue Bloods, another situation puts her in a position to offer help or guidance.

This episode on Friday night will test Hawk’s resolve. A photo from the episode shows Baker at Frank’s door.

Take a look at this picture right here.

Frank does not want his advisers to do anything but follow his direction on this matter. He does listen to what they all have to say, usually, before making a choice.

In real life, Hawk is pretty cool with working alongside Selleck. Her schedule on the show’s set is determined by when Selleck is there. The Blue Bloods star lives out in California so when he’s not needed on the New York City set, he’s going home for a while.

Reagan Considers Going On Podcast While Garrett Thinks It’s A Bad Idea

The situation around the digital threat does concern Frank. He’s even thinking about going on a podcast to talk about it.

Our hero needs to be aware that there is an inherent risk for him going on there. Garrett speaks up and tells Frank, pretty clearly, that he doesn’t think this is a good idea.

Those podcast hosts can sometimes trap their guests in a discussion or heated debate. Imagine Frank going on there and not being as cool as possible. But Reagan believes going on one would be a good idea. What happens on Friday night? Well, you just have to tune in and see.