‘Blue Bloods’: Frank Reagan Is Missing Something Most Police Commissioners Should Have

by Michael Freeman

Blue Bloods character Frank Reagan is an incredibly successful, established police commissioner on the show. However, fans noticed a glaring omission on his desk and it’s a staple commissioners should have.

Fans pointed this oddity out in a Reddit post titled “How does Frank do any work?” User Liamb1985 stated his wife observed Frank doesn’t have a computer at his desk. Considering his position, one would think he’d be working on it constantly. While it’s understandable he likely has a subordinate to field emails and other things like that, it doesn’t change the fact a computer is practically essential.

Luckily, other Redditors offered plausible explanations, such as user ChrisF1987. “I think the office we mainly see him in is his ‘ceremonial office’,” he writes. “He has another (smaller) office off of the meeting room that we’ve only seen a few times (maybe 2 or 3 times) that has a computer and seems to be where he does the actual work.”

The current top-rated comment by Draano provides a good line of thought as well. Telling other users he works in IT, he says people he deals with regularly are tech-savvy. Nonetheless, the higher up the chain of command you go, the less you have to deal with computers and the like.

Liamb1985 himself gives his own thoughts, and it’s a real-world reason rather than one in the show. “In this day and age, he’d still have a computer, a tablet at the very least. I mean we know what the real reason is, it would ruin the shot.” It’s kind of like how cars in movies rarely have headrests. Sometimes, you have to distort reality for the sake of a good shot.”

With or without a computer, Frank Reagan seems to get the job done at the end of the day though.

‘Blue Bloods’ Actor Reveals How ‘Involved’ Tom Selleck is With the Show’s Production

Tom Selleck is practically synonymous with Blue Bloods in that when you read or hear the show’s title, you think about him. Besides his prominent role on the show, one of his peers revealed how “heavily involved” Selleck is with the show’s production.

Talking to Starr Mag, actor Gregory Jbara opened up about Selleck’s excellent rapport with the cast and show involvement. “He is successful because he puts the people around him that will allow him to be him. Even though he’s not credited as a producer or writer, he is heavily involved in every aspect of the production of the show.”

Jbara expands on his answer, saying Selleck regularly injects his own opinions about scenes and frequents the editing room. “He is even in the editing room after every episode. He’s an opinionated guy and he isn’t shy about if we’re in the middle of shooting something, a particular scene, he’ll just say, ‘What do you think about…’ or ‘That might now work because…’ Literally like right after a take!”

Jbara ends the interview by saying those with fragile egos might not be able to handle Selleck’s involvement. Overall, it just shows how passionate he is about his craft and the show.