‘Blue Bloods’: Full Recap of Episode 13, ‘Cold Comfort’

by Amanda Glover

On Friday, the hit CBS crime drama, “Blue Bloods” aired an all-new episode titled “Cold Comfort.” Lucky for you guys, we have the full recap at our fingertips! So, if you missed the episode’s premiere, look no further.

As the episode’s synopsis reads, “Frank contends with a potentially dirty cop within his ranks. Danny and Baez’s investigation into a brutal assault on an NYPD detective reveals evidence the officer may be corrupt. Also, Eddie and Badillo track down the culprits behind the theft of valuable rare works from a celebrated bookstore; Jamie begrudgingly joins Henry as he looks into an old friend’s death he deems suspicious. Erin snoops into the background of a new woman in Anthony’s life.”

Now that we know what was supposed to happen, let’s get into what went down in the episode.

On “Blue Bloods” last night, a cop took a beating on his way home. Detective O’Neill ran into a group of guys right before it happened. He flashed them his badge and it didn’t work. Therefore, he flashed his gun to get the guys to back off. Now, those men are suspected of attacking him.

The detective stayed awake long enough to discuss what happened. There is also a chance he might not survive the attack.

The problem is with the officer’s wife. She was at the hospital with him when the Police Commissioner stopped by, and she demanded to do a press conference. She wanted the world to know about the men she believed hurt her husband. However, Frank talked her out of it.

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Frank looked into evidence as to why O’Neill was attacked. Even though cops were not seen as the good guys, Frank knew there must’ve been more to the story. He told the officer’s wife to hold off on the press conference.

Therefore, it’s a good thing he held off because his son later found out—the cop was dirty and worked with the gangs. That’s likely the reason why he was attacked.

Later, Danny met with his father alone. He told him about what he heard and Frank asked him to investigate.

Baez and Danny found out that O’Neill had no reason to be in that neighborhood during the time of night. He wasn’t working a case like he told his wife, neither was he also wasn’t on his way home.

Danny and Baez went to go talk to Tee to get find out where he was on the night of the attack but they were ambushed. Even though they were lured into a trap and almost killed. However, no one was hurt.

Frank was honest with O’Neil’s wife as to her husband’s attack. He told her that he knew his word alone wouldn’t be able to help her and that she should talk to her husband.

Meanwhile, Jamie looked into the death of his grandfather’s friend. He learned that Harrold’s death was an accident. The chief suspect had a solid alibi and had made peace with Harold long ago.