‘Blue Bloods’: Who Garrett Moore Actor Gregory Jbara Played on ‘Law & Order’

by Joe Rutland

Some of you Outsiders might see Gregory Jbara on Blue Bloods and go, “I’ve seen him before.” Yes, you have, on Law & Order.

What character did he play in the NBC police drama?

According to IMDb, Jbara, who plays Garrett Moore on the CBS drama, it was in a Season 20 episode called “Brilliant Disguise.” His character’s name was Oscar Newton.

Jbara has been a part of Blue Bloods since its first season in 2010. Moore is NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner of Public Information. He also is part of NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan’s “dream team.” Besides Jbara, that includes Abigail Hawk and Robert Clohessy. Oh yes, Tom Selleck plays Reagan.

The show remains a Friday night staple on CBS. Catch an episode this week at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m Central.

Back in the summer, there was some scuttlebutt about the actor leaving Blue Bloods.

The Sun had a report that speculation reached a high pitch on Jbara’s exit.

Blue Bloods fans saw that as foreshadowing.

Cinemaholic had a report saying that the scene was a retraction of what Jbara’s character had said earlier.

‘Blue Bloods’ Actor Talks About How Selleck Got Him Role On TV Show

See, Outsiders, it is good to have connections when it comes to work.

Jbara got his role on Blue Bloods through Selleck.

When asked about it, Jbara said, “The truth is I got hired because Tom said, ‘I want Greg Jbara to play the role.'”

So that’s that, right? Sure it’s a done deal. But Jbara and Selleck have worked together for a long time.

The Blue Bloods actor said there was a connection to his friend. 

“Tom and I had over twenty years of professional history together having started working together on the film In & Out,” he said.

When Asked If TV Role Has Affected Him Personally, Actor Point-Blank Replies

He said that “Blue Bloods” is actually the third TV drama that Tom has given me.”

Garrett Moore used to be a journalist in New York City. But his ability to help Frank navigate public information-related issues makes him a valued member of that “dream team.”

How has playing Moore affected Jbara?

According to his Starry Mag interview, not much.

“I think the second episode that I ever did was at the end of Season One and there was a scene where Tom wasn’t happy with what was written,” Jbara said. “There was a conflict that Garrett had to step in and bust the Commissioner’s chops about how he’s dealing with the Mayor.

“Tom said, ‘What would you really say, Greg, if this was going on?’ I replied, ‘If this was really going on, I would say, ‘You’re an idiot! What you did just there was stupid!'” Jbara said.