‘Blue Bloods’ Get Dose of Reality With New Trailer

by Lauren Boisvert

“Blue Bloods” will be back on Dec. 3 with a new episode titled “Reality Check.” According to the synopsis, Danny enlists Anthony to help solve a crime when his cousin is involved in the double homicide. Also, Jamie and Eddie’s relationship turns strained when Eddie’s new partner–who Jamie recommended–requests a transfer to a different partner.

In a promo for the new episode, Frank gets involved in a podcast, even though Garrett warns him against it. What’s the reason for the warning? Garrett seems to think it’s a trap, but in what way? Supposedly, Frank could get set up to say something embarrassing or damning. But who is doing the podcast? That could answer a lot of the questions we have about Garrett’s concerns.

In the previous episode, “USA Today,” Danny and Baez investigate an attack on a local restaurant owner, but the neighborhood refuses to cooperate with them. Erin gets a case that’s way below her pay grade, and suggests that Kimberly Crawford knows Erin is running for DA against her, and that’s why she’s getting small-time cases. Turns out, Crawford actually thought Erin would be best for those cases, and holds her in high regard despite Erin running against her. Erin actually changes her mind about running, revealing her plans at Sunday dinner.

‘Blue Bloods’: Who Has Joined the Reagan Dinner Table?

If you’re wondering who has joined the Reagans at the dinner table over the years, wonder no more; only two non-family members have joined the Reagans at their Sunday dinners. Both of them were Frank and Danny’s partners.

Lenny, Frank’s former partner, and Baez, Danny’s current partner on the force, were invited to family dinner. Another non-family member is Eddie, but she married into the family. She’s now a staple at the dinner table. She was also Jamie’s former partner before they got married. The last is Erin’s ex-husband, Jack, but he hasn’t been back.

The Sunday dinner scenes are some of the fans’ favorite moments; they bring the characters together and celebrate the importance of having dinner with your family. Now that Joe Hill will be joining, the Reagans are going to need another chair at the table. In the episode “Be Smart or Be Dead,” Joe finally reconciled with his family lineage in law enforcement and asked if he could come to Sunday dinner. There’s been no sign of him so far, even though Frank told him to “bring the dessert.” Only time will tell if that character actually does return and if the family welcomes him like they made it seem they would.

To catch Frank, Danny, Erin, and Jamie in action watch the new “Blue Bloods” on Friday, Dec. 3 at 10 on CBS.