‘Blue Bloods’ Gives First Look at Jimmy Buffett’s Appearance in Upcoming Episode

by Madison Miller

First Lyle Lovett, now another music superstar is making his presence known on “Blue Bloods.” That’s right. Jimmy Buffett is taking a break from his tropical lifestyle to visit the crew over on the CBS drama.

The “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” singer is going to appear in the new episode of the procedural drama this Friday at 10/9 CT.

Jimmy Buffett in Upcoming ‘Blue Bloods’ Episode

Fans are already extremely excited over this surprise visit from Buffet. The official “Blue Bloods” Instagram account shared a sneak peek of what this guest appearance is going to look like.

The video is captioned, “NYC is a long way from Margaritaville. Don’t miss @jimmybuffett on this week’s #BlueBloods.”

The video starts with Baez and Danny Reagan sitting at a fancy restaurant together. They notice that Jimmy Buffet appears to be sitting over at the bar. Reagan decides that he wants to cover Buffet’s bill, seeing as he’s a legendary figure and all.

Later on, Reagan is seen chasing Buffett as he walks down a pier. He asks for some ID and quickly figures out that it wasn’t Buffett at the bar that day, but perhaps an impersonator. An impersonator who actually goes by Dickie Delaney, legally. By the looks of it, this “Blue Bloods” episode is going to be quite entertaining.

This isn’t the first time Buffett has appeared on TV. He’s also been on seven different episodes of “Hawaii Five-O.” It seems like the musician is pretty excited for his role in the series, too. He posted a photo on Instagram that calls himself a “doppelganger,” referencing his role as a con man in the series.

Besides some action with Buffett, the other characters in “Blue Bloods” are also being kept busy. Frank Reagan is trying to determine why a captain stole items from local stores. Meanwhile, there’s a blog that is making Erin Reagan question her reputation.

Also, Jamie Reagan and Eddie Janko will go through a bit of a relationship strain due to an old rule still in play at the precinct.

Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan

“Blue Bloods” is all about family at the core of it all. The family on this drama series is complete with a series of talented actors filling in as the Reagans.

Although both Bridget Moynahan and Donnie Wahlberg are extremely popular in their roles, Moynahan needed some convincing to take on her role. Co-star to co-star, Wahlberg had to really sell her the “Blue Bloods” role.

“I called Bridget Moynahan, but she said, ‘I already turned it down, I’m not going to do it. I begged and pleaded and made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. Which was that I would give her all of my paychecks if we weren’t able to shoot in New York. So, thank God we shot in New York,” Wahlberg said to Entertainment Tonight.