‘Blue Bloods’ Guest Star Jimmy Buffett Asks Fans ‘Who’s the Blonde Stranger?’ in Behind the Scenes Photo

by Shelby Scott

Like many of our favorite shows, “Blue Bloods” remains on its several-week-long midseason hiatus. However, now Christmas has gotten the jump on us. With that, we have less than two weeks until the CBS show returns to screens. With that, we can also look forward to the guest appearance of music icon Jimmy Buffet in an upcoming episode.

That said, it seems Jimmy Buffett is amped for his guest-starring role on “Blue Bloods.”

His latest Tweet captures the star in a simple hat and sweatshirt. Above the photo, he asks followers “Who’s the Blonde Stranger?” referencing his 1984 song. Alongside the caption, he tags “Blue Bloods.” The fact leaves fans wondering just how big of a part the icon will have when the show returns on January 7th.

So far, “Blue Bloods” fans have little to say regarding the “Margaritaville” singer’s post. However, we’re sure Jimmy Buffett’s upcoming episode will see a lot of draw.

Further, “Blue Bloods” returns within the first week of January. Although, we’ll unfortunately have to wait a few more Fridays until Buffett makes his CBS debut. The episode, premiering on Friday, January 15th will feature Buffett as he plays the role of con artist, Dickey Delaney. Hysterically, writers have chosen to have their iconic guest star taking the role of a con artist known for impersonating none other than Jimmy Buffett himself.

According to cartermatt.com, the January 15th episode features Danny as he pursues the con-artist. And given Buffett’s hysterical role and Danny actor Donnie Wahlberg’s fun-loving personality, the episode is sure to feature some genuinely hysterical moments.

‘Blue Bloods’ Features Peaceful Family Dinner in Upcoming Episode

Speaking of upcoming episodes, “Blue Bloods” fans will hopefully get to see a less intense side of the Reagan family that usually falls to the wayside while the law enforcement officers are on the job.

Preview images show Jamie and Eddie pleasantly engaged in conversation at family dinner, a reassuring sight for Outsiders as the last few episodes have seen the couple struggling to communicate. Overall, it’s led to both personal and professional conflicts.

Further, after the drama of Baez’s gunshot wound in a previous episode, we finally see the beloved Danny actor, Donnie Wahlberg joyfully grinning across the dinner table at who we can only assume is Eddie based on the woman’s blonde hair in the photo.

Now, Baez continues to recover and things have seemed to right themselves. However, that probably won’t be the case for long. The return episode will see several “Blue Bloods” characters in for another challenge when Jamie’s former mentor returns.

As the synopsis tells us, “Jamie makes a concerning discovery about a former mentor as he helps a neighbor handle a gambling debt.”

While we’re sure other exciting and suspenseful events will take place, drama seems to ensue for Jamie when “Blue Bloods” returns.