‘Blue Bloods’ Has the Perfect Jamie Reagan Meme for Halloween

by Joe Rutland

Outsiders, did you think that “Blue Bloods” was going to miss out on some Halloween fun? Well, the CBS police drama isn’t doing that.

We’re going to show you a funny meme that the show put out on Friday.

In the picture are Will Estes, who plays Officer Jamie Reagan, and Andrew Terraciano, who plays Sean Reagan. He’s one of Danny Reagan’s sons. Danny, of course, is played by Donnie Wahlberg.

Enough of that for now. Here’s the pic from the “Blue Bloods” Twitter account.

The photo comes from an earlier episode this season titled “Protective Instincts.”

Sean gets in trouble – boy does he! – when he lies about Dad Danny giving him permission to go on a police ride-along. Turns out he starts playing cop himself, only to have a suspect smack him and send young Sean to the hospital.

If you want to catch an episode of “Blue Bloods,” then tune in to CBS on Fridays at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central. This week’s episode will be a rerun but new episodes return on Nov. 5.

Besides Estes and Wahlberg, Tom Selleck, Len Cariou, Vanessa Ray, Bridget Moynahan, and Marisa Ramirez are all part of the cast.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Talks About Playing Servicemen Throughout Career

If you have noticed the characters Will Estes has played throughout his career, then one thread shows him playing servicemen.

Why has he done this even on “Blue Bloods”?

Estes shared his reasoning with Men’s Journal.

When asked what he felt drew him to play Jamie, Estes said he likes to play heroes on the screen.

“I enjoy it,” he said. Then he followed that up by drawing a comparison between his show and an HBO hit.

‘The Sopranos’ was a show about villains,” he said. “But (“Blue Bloods”) is a show about heroes, real-life heroes that wear uniforms. They are firemen and police officers, and that’s what the show’s about.”

Estes Admits That He Was Not Well-Versed On How Actual Officer Would Handle Things

While Estes does love playing his character, he said in another interview that he really did not know much about being an officer

“By no means did I think I knew what I was doing out of the gate as an NYPD officer,” Estes said when talking with CBS’s WATCH!

“I never want to act like I know,” he said.

But he’s quick to give the technical advisers on “Blue Bloods” a tip of his hat.

He has received help from them. As former police officers, the technical advisers can present how officers would handle real-life situations.

This gives the actor more information about authentically playing Jamie Reagan on “Blue Bloods.”