‘Blue Bloods’: Have the Storylines Become Less ‘Balanced’ During Episodes?

by Quentin Blount

Okay, Blue Bloods fans — we need you on this one. Do you think that the storylines in the show have become less balanced?

CBS’s Blue Bloods is a police procedural drama series that started back in 2010. The show follows the Reagan family, who has a deep history of work in law enforcement. There is no lack of star power on the show either, starring big-name actors like Tom Selleck as NYPD Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, Donnie Wahlberg as NYPD Detective Danny Reagan, Bridget Moynahan as Assistant New York County District Attorney Erin Reagan.

While those are the names of some of the series’ main characters, there are other important side characters as well. However, one fan of the show on Reddit thinks that the balance of the show was better when the writers focused on the main characters.

In a post titled, “The lack of balance in episodes”, Reddit user u/Thunderbolts99mcu wrote, “I been watching a lot of the earlier seasons of Blue Bloods and have to say the episodes had everything balanced well in the stories for the episodes. How much time that time was giving to the characters in the episodes and how to fit the right stories for all the episodes. Now the episodes don’t have any balance to them anymore.”

u/thunderbolts99mcu believes that some of the recent side storylines feel like “filler” stories.

“Case in point this season the episodes have been jamming in stories that just feel like filler. The Jamko stories have been the most filler type stories in the show. Where every story with them is just them fighting every time about something dumb. Also, the past Eddie’s stories have been her having issues with the partner of the week. Are the writers just running out of ideas?”

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Respond to Post on Reddit

Well, Outsiders, what are your thoughts so far? It seems like other users on Reddit were split 50/50 with how they feel.

“I think that Hollywood during the pandemic has had to rethink the way they do just about everything,” one fan said. “Actors not always available when needed, writers the same. Hopefully, we will see the show return to a better balance overall in the year or 2 to come.”

One Reddit user went as far as to suggest that the show could only last another “year or two” if they continue down the same path.

“I think the series is just on its last leg. I’d give it another year or two if they don’t get better writers.”

Meanwhile, another fan explained why they like learning more about the side characters in Blue Bloods. That same person is also a big fan of the Paramount Network hit show Yellowstone.

“Fair points they are trying to flesh out some of the lesser characters. I enjoy it. I also watch Yellowstone and they do the same thing. It is not always about the main character’s stories.”