‘Blue Bloods’: Here’s Viewers’ Least Favorite Episode According to Fans

by Megan Molseed

Blue Bloods has long been impressing fans with some intriguing storylines during its eleven seasons on the air.

Usually falling within a top spot in the CBS primetime ratings, the popular police procedural drama has maintained its placement as being a long-standing fan favorite since its premiere in 2010.

However, with hundreds of episodes within the impressive Blue Bloods weekly episode catalog, there are bound to be a few installments here and there in which viewers may have found more criticism than accolades to share.

The sheer numbers of probability tell us this is the reality of the series. Then, when you add the fact that the premise of Blue Bloods is focused on police life; as well as the social aspects and implications that come along those serving the community within the thin blue line, there are likely more than a few moments that stirred up the fans. Sometimes for the better, and sometimes not so much.

So, what is the least favorite episode of Blue Bloods so far? According to IMDB, it is a season five installment titled Burning Bridges.

According to the Blue Bloods IMDB page, nearly every episode of the popular CBS drama scores high within the user ratings. Most episodes of Blue Bloods have scored a seven or higher according to the user reviews. But, it is the third episode in the show’s fifth season that dipped well below the average. This episode brought in a rating of 6.7 out of ten.

Did ‘Blue Bloods’ Burn Some Bridges in One Season Five Episode?

In Burning Bridges, fans see Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan and his partner Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) thrown into the middle of a conflict between fellow detectives.

After a detective is involuntarily outed as being gay, his partner no longer wants to work with him. To make matters more complicated, all of this occurs as the bureau is investigating a homophobic hate crime.

As the investigation progresses, however, Danny and Baez are able to help fix the fractured partnership between the estranged detectives.

Elsewhere, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) faces issues as a disagreement emerges between the commissioner and the Archdiocese. This comes after the elder Reagan expresses his views on homosexuality within the press. Through this, Frank faces a conflict between his own personal faith and the ethics he holds dear.

What was it about Burning Bridges that led fans of the series to rate the episode so low? According to some fans, they did not like the way Blue Bloods handled the sensitive storylines.

“This episode attempts to deal with homosexual prejudice in the police force and brings in Catholicism only to insult both institutions,” one Blue Bloods fan writes on the IMDB page.

Other fans commend Blue Bloods for their tackling of difficult topics. Even if the episode wasn’t a favorite.

According to one fan, Burning Bridges was “another outstanding episode this time dealing with homosexuality within the police department.”

The commenter then adds that it’s “difficult to view the anti-gay attitudes among important officials of our police department.”