‘Blue Bloods’: Here’s What Danny and Waylon Gates Are Investigating

by Jonathan Howard

Alright folks, are we all ready for the return of Blue Bloods? Well, if you aren’t, there are only about four more days to get ready.

Danny Reagan is going to be back in action. This time around, his partner Maria Baez is going to be unavailable. She was hurt at the end of the last episode. So, Waylon Gates will be joining Danny on the streets. Played by Lyle Lovett, this is another look at a different partner for Danny. Gates has been in the show before. This time is looking to help out on a big case.

The temporary duo is going to have a lot on their plate, it seems. Gates doesn’t just show up for no reason. Danny is going to be all-in on helping his friend out. The episode is titled Old Friends and this might not be the only friend to make an appearance.

In a photo preview of the show, there are a few things to notice. Starting off, Gates and Reagan don’t make the most obvious team. Gates, in his cowboy hat and duster jacket, looks like he belongs over on Yellowstone more than Blue Bloods. However, the scene in front of them looks like some big-city crime. An old truck, perhaps a Ford Bronco, sitting parked and riddled full of bullets.

Clearly, there is something going on here. Is that truck and the crime scene part of the larger case? Or, is this just a random scene? Personally, this feels like it could end in another gunfight. However, there are still some days to wait until the new episode airs. Until then, everything else is just speculation. There seems to be a new trajectory for Danny going on here, though.

‘Blue Bloods’: What Is Next for Danny and Baez?

When the show went on the midseason hiatus, fans were left with a lot of questions. Baez had been shot, Danny seemed fine, Erin had a big decision to make, and more. After spending so much time together, Baez and Danny seem inseparable on Blue Bloods. However, that might not always be the case.

There has been some speculation that this might be a moment where Baez actress Marisa Ramirez makes her exit from the show. Her character has expressed doubt in continuing her law enforcement career. Fans have noticed a change in how she is treated on the show as well. Perhaps that is why Danny is getting some time to be with other partners?

Whatever is going on with Baez, fans are hoping that it doesn’t drag on too long. There should be some formality if she actually leaves. However, that doesn’t mean that Danny has to stop working. So, it’s nice to see him paired up with an old friend on Blue Bloods. Hopefully, everyone stays out of the line of fire this time.