‘Blue Bloods’: Here’s What Draws Back Lyle Lovett’s Waylon Gates in Upcoming Episode

by Joe Rutland
(Photo: John Paul Filo/CBS ©2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved)

Fans of Blue Bloods are familiar with singer Lyle Lovett playing Waylon Gates on the CBS police drama. So, what’s he up to now?

Outsiders, we’re going to get some information on that with help from Matt & Jess.

We also are going to put our “spoiler alert” status here before giving more details.

This episode is titled Old Friends and will not be on CBS until Jan. 7. Lovett returns as Gates.

Want more details? We’ve got you covered. Detective Danny Reagan, played by Donnie Wahlberg, teams up with his friend Gates of the Texas Rangers over an illegal drug shipment coming into New York City. The point is to get there before those drugs hit the streets.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Frank are having issues on Blue Bloods, too.

Sergeant Jamie Reagan, played by Will Estes, finds out some troubling information about an old mentor of his who helps a neighbor with a gambling debt. Oh, and NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck, gets some heat from Mayor Peter Chase, played by Dylan Walsh. About what? Well, Chase is ticked about how a brawl between demonstrators and police officers was handled at a protest.

Blue Bloods can be seen on Fridays at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central, on CBS.

‘Blue Bloods’ Actor Reveals What It Is Like, Or Not, To Share Screen With Wahlberg

It’s probably not unusual for fans of the CBS police drama to ask other actors what it’s like to work with Wahlberg.

Case in point is Abigail Hawk, who plays Abigail Baker – part of Frank’s “dream team,” on Blue Bloods.

“Everybody’s like, ‘What’s it like working with Donnie?'” Hawk says in an interview with PopCultureSee, she and Danny Reagan hardly ever share screen time. You will see her a lot in scenes with Selleck. Meanwhile, you’ll see Wahlberg in scenes within the police station or on the streets.

Hawk flatly says, “And I never see him.”

Speaking of Selleck, in the PopCulture interview, Hawk is so happy that the veteran actor is an advocate of her work.

She said, “I have absolutely adored Tom and I’m exceedingly grateful for him. He has really been a huge champion of mine.”

Hawk said Selleck supports the same causes that she backs.

Selleck also puts co-workers on the same level as himself, not looking to play the veteran actor card.

Hawk also says that she appreciates “the fact that he recognized that I had a lot I want to say in the industry and he’s a huge advocate for women.

“I have a seat at the table with him, if that makes sense,” she said.