‘Blue Bloods’: Here’s When the Series Returns in 2022

by Shelby Scott

While Outsiders have been preparing for the approaching holiday celebrations, many of our favorite series have gone on temporary hiatus. From “NCIS” on CBS to NBC‘s “One Chicago” trio of shows, none have debuted new episodes in weeks. Now, however, Christmas Day quickly approaches. With that, we can look forward to the approaching return of some of our favorite procedural dramas, including fan-favorite “Blue Bloods.”

“Blue Bloods” aired its last new episode on Friday, December 10th. While it’s barely been two weeks since the episode’s debut, we’re already aching for a new one. Fortunately, we don’t have long to wait as PopCulture states the CBS series returns on January 7th.

Now, we look forward to seeing our favorite “Blue Bloods” cast members return to screens following the holidays. However, we’re even more anxious to see how the last episode’s cliffhangers play out.

As the outlet reminds us, “Blue Bloods'” pre-hiatus episode, “Firewall,” saw the NYPD come under virtual attack. With that, we saw an iconic character, Sloane Thompson (Alex Kingston) return to the field. Simultaneously, Danny and Baez were tracking a suspect when the latter suffered a gunshot wound. The incident in itself resulted in major fan rage for a multitude of reasons. However, you can read about that here.

And if that weren’t enough, Erin Reagan’s career in politics was in jeopardy as a salacious video about her surfaced.

Now, the upcoming episode, entitled “Old Friends” hopefully concludes at least one of those storylines. However, the new episode, not to mention the remainder of the season, brings with it a host of new stories and guest stars.

‘Blue Bloods” Return Promises New Storylines & Stars Alike

While waiting for “Blue Bloods'” return post-hiatus is surely frustrating, we just know the wait will be well worth it.

The midseason finale saw the spotlight feature a handful of beloved “Blue Bloods” characters including Danny, Baez, and our show patriarch Frank Reagan. However, when the hit series returns, viewers will see the focus turn back to Jamie Reagan as he encounters an old mentor.

As the episode synopsis tells us though, the reunion doesn’t appear to be an immensely friendly one. According to the synopsis, “Jamie makes a concerning discovery about a former mentor as he helps a neighbor handle a gambling debt.”

Without further detail, it’s difficult to determine a) who this mentor could be and b) what the discovery relates to. As we continue to wait, the suspense grows more frustrating.

Meanwhile, we can reveal that two iconic music artists will later appear in “Blue Bloods.”

Outsiders will be excited to know that Margaritaville’s very own Jimmy Buffett will make a unique appearance on the procedural drama. Interestingly, however, Buffett will be playing a con man known for impersonating…Jimmy Buffett.

Overall, the situation remains an interesting decision on the part of writers and producers, however, I guess we’ll just have to wait for the music icon’s “Blue Bloods” appearance to see how that storyline goes.

Additionally, this season will also see music icon and “You’ve Got a Friend In Me” singer Lyle Lovett make a guest appearance. He’ll be reprising his role as Texas Ranger Waylon Gates.