‘Blue Bloods’: Here’s When the Show May Introduce Its Next Villain

by Megan Molseed

The hit CBS series Blue Bloods is now well into its twelfth season on the air, and fans are always eager to see the gripping storylines for which the popular television drama is known.

Recently, Matt & Jess explored some intriguing storyline options for the series to explore going forward. Primarily, looking at whether or not the series will be introducing a Blue Bloods villain going forward.

An interesting idea to explore, for sure, as the twelfth season of the popular police procedural continues to unfold.

In the most recent promo for the November 12 Blue Bloods episode which is titled Be Smart of Be Dead, we learn that there is someone in custody that was apparently seeking to kill Danny Reagan.

So, could the series be introducing a new adversary? One that is specifically hunting Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan? The popular police procedural drama certainly seems to be building towards this type of plotline. And, maybe this could end with Danny coming face to face with an enemy in future episodes?

‘Blue Bloods’ Danny Reagan Faces An Unkown Foe

The recently released promo video shows Danny Reagan as he stands amid a row of gravestones. Then, a woman pulls out a gun, aiming it at the Blue Bloods detective.

Next, we see the woman in the precinct while Danny’s brother, Jamie Reagan who is portrayed by Will Estes tells Danny that he was the cop she was “supposed to kill.”

An intriguing direction for the series to take, for sure!

So far, we know very little about what this will mean going forward.

What is this woman’s motive as she seeks to shoot the New York Police Detective? One option is that this may be some sort of revenge. Someone going after the Blue Bloods detective for something that happened in the past.

Or, maybe the threat to Danny’s life is just a part of something much bigger.

Perhaps this person is after Danny’s father, Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) who is the current New York City Police Commissioner.

Maybe this person who is going after Danny is truly focused on taking revenge against the New York City police commissioner, and going after one of his sons is a means to get back at the Reagan family patriarch.

Either way, it would be nice if this ends up being a plotline that can be carried out over at least a few episodes this season.

Maybe the true criminal is one that will sit in the shadows for some time. And, it is up to Danny Reagan, his fellow officers, and law-enforcement family members to work to solve the mystery of who it is, exactly, that is going after the Blue Bloods officer.