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‘Blue Bloods’: Here’s Why Will Estes Had a Tough Time Landing Part on the Show

by Keeli Parkey
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For more than a decade, actor Will Estes has brought the character of Jamie Reagan to life in “Blue Bloods.” The character has gone on quite a journey during those years. And Estes had to go on a journey in order to land the role.

According to what he said during a 2019 interview with Watch Magazine, Estes said that he had to audition several times before he was chosen as the right actor to bring this “Blue Bloods” character to life.

“I auditioned for what felt like 11 times, but it was actually just four,” the now 43-year-old actor recalled.

From the moment he read the script for “Blue Bloods,” Will Estes knew that he wanted to be part of the cast. “I remember the script was my favorite thing I’d read all year,” he also said.

Also, the audition – well, auditions – for “Blue Bloods” came at a time when Estes really needed a job. “I don’t think I ever told anyone this, but I was totally broke,” he shared.

Obviously, Will Estes performed well in the auditions – he did get the job, after all. During one audition, one of the creative minds behind “Blue Bloods” said something that really encouraged the actor.

“After reading with Leonard (Goldberg, Blue Bloods’ executive producer), I remember he said, ‘I believed you.’ That was an endearing vote of confidence,” Estes also said.

His role in “Blue Bloods” has also been a learning experience for Estes. One person who has taught him a lesson is his co-star, Donnie Wahlberg. This lesson was about how Wahlberg interacts with his many fans. “Donnie [with his fans] is something that I’ve never seen or experienced before. He just completely engages with people,” Estes also said.

Unsurprisingly, he has also learned from his on-screen father Tom Selleck. “Tom is a consummate professional and the best leader you could hope to have. I’ve learned a lot from him already,” Estes has also said.

His Decision to Join the NYPD Has Turned Out Well for ‘Blue Bloods’ Character Jamie Reagan

When the CBS family cop drama began in 2010, Jamie Reagan was just beginning his career in the New York City Police Department. In doing so, he continued a family tradition. His grandfather Henry Reagan (Len Cariou), his father Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), and his brothers Joe Reagan and Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) all joined the NYPD.

As fans of “Blue Bloods” are aware, Jamie joined the NYPD after deciding that he would not use his Harvard law degree to practice law. It was a surprising move, without a doubt. But it was a move that was the right one for Jamie. He has faced challenges, obviously, but being part of the family tradition is what he was meant to do.

Since joining the famous police force, Jamie has achieved the rank of sergeant. He also met his wife, Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray), on the job.