‘Blue Bloods’: How to Catch Up on Every Season

by Liz Holland

“Blue Bloods” has continued to be an impressively successful show, even over 10 years into it’s life. Despite how popular shows about police forces and crime have become on mainstream television in recent years, Blue Bloods consistently hits the mark with ratings. The program’s longevity is certainly in part thanks to the personal plot lines and character development.

As the show heads into its 12th season, new fans may be looking for a way to binge the rest of the series to be caught up with current episodes. Or, perhaps long-time “Blue Bloods” want a way to look back on some of their favorite moments throughout the series. Either way, there’s plenty of options to watch the Reagan family drama unfold, past and present. 

If you’re interested in starting the series from the beginning, you’ve definitely got your work cut out for you. With over 200 episodes and new ones airing every week, it’s time to strap in to your couch, grab your favorite beer, and settle in for a lengthy journey. The question is: Where can you actually watch “Blue Bloods”? As of now, the entire series is available on multiple platforms. 

Where Can I Watch ‘Blue Bloods’?

One of the simplest options is for Paramount+ subscribers. The streaming platform was previously known as “CBS All Access” before they rebranded last year. Every single episode, including episodes in the current season can be streamed on Paramount+. Additionally, if you hold a subscription to the Paramount+ Channel available on Amazon Prime Video, you can also binge watch the show that way. 

If you don’t have Paramount+, but you do have regular TV Service, you’re in luck. CBS has an option on their website for viewers to log in using their TV provider credentials. Once you log in to the CBS site with that information, you’ll have access to every “Blue Bloods” episode. CBS offers a detailed description of how to do this on their website help center, which you can read here. The service is inclusive of major providers like Cox, Dish, DirecTV, xFinity. It also includes YoutubeTV subscriber, Hulu subscribers, and more. 

Hulu Subscribers Can Stream Seasons 1-9

If none of these options work for you, you still may be in luck. All 12 seasons can be purchased individually via Prime Video, AppleTV+, Google Play, and Vudu. Those services also offer options to buy by the episode, or by entire seasons. You get to decide how you want to marathon the series! 

Finally, if you have a Hulu subscription, the first 9 seasons of “Blue Bloods” are currently available on the platform for streaming. The first 9 seasons combined offers 199 episodes, so there’s plenty of material. If you catch up before more options are available for streaming the show, you can always purchase Seasons 10 and 11, or stream them on one of the other channels mentioned.