‘Blue Bloods’: How Danny and Baez Are Walking Right Into Another Big Challenge on This Week’s Episode

by Megan Molseed

The Blue Bloods twelfth season doesn’t seem to be pulling any punches for some of our favorite characters. Primarily, for Blue Bloods partners Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez). These New York City detectives seem to be running from one major challenge to another as the newest season continues.

In the latest episode of the hit CBS series titled USA Today, Danny and Baez hardly have a moment to catch their breath from their most recent challenge as they move on to the next one, while also earning the trust of a community that isn’t necessarily ready to trust those in law enforcement.

‘Blue Bloods’ Detectives Find Many Challenges

In some recent promos for the Blue Bloods’ season twelve episode seven we see the two dedicated New York Police detectives discussing a case with someone while standing in an alley.

This, of course, suggests that the officers knew that if they wanted to discuss information with the person they are interviewing, they likely couldn’t do so out in the open.

Will Danny Reagan and Maria Baez be facing challenges this week? Will they come as they work to solve a crime within a community that has inherent trust issues with the police?

If this is the case, Blue Bloods fans know that Danny and Baez have a very strong partnership in their dedication to their job with the New York City police department.

Regardless of the concerns that are facing these Blue Bloods officers, they usually know what needs to be done in order to solve their case.

The partners understand some people in their profession don’t bring on the same type of trust.

Of course, few things can get as difficult as the challenges Danny Reagan and his partner faced during last week’s episode Be Smart or Be Dead.

Danny Reagan Faces A Life-Threatening Moment

In the Friday, November 12 Blue Bloods episode, fans see Danny Reagan visit his late wife’s tombstone. However, little does the longtime officer know, his life is in grave danger.

Shortly after he arrives at the cemetery, a woman walks up with a gun in her hand. She is aiming to shoot the detective.

Thankfully, the woman was unable to complete the killing. But it leaves Blue Bloods detectives, and fans, wondering why was this woman after Danny Reagan?

Eventually, Danny ends up in the protective custody of his younger brother, New York City police sergeant Jamie Reagan.

And, soon they discover the woman who threatened Danny’s life was ordered to kill a cop. She was given this order so she could be released from a cartel. The woman, Elena, is desperate to leave the cartel because she has recently discovered she is pregnant.

The Blue Bloods detectives decide to convince Elena to help them catch Munoz, the man who ordered Danny’s killing. Thankfully, Munoz is caught, and Elena is free from the cartel.