‘Blue Bloods’: How Garrett Moore Actor Gregory Jbara Has Influenced His Character

by Joe Rutland

Gregory Jbara has been a part of “Blue Bloods” as Garrett Moore since its first season. How has he been able to influence his character?

Jbara talked about that in an interview with Starry Mag. Moore is the Deputy Commissioner of Public Information for the New York Police Department.

“Really little,” he said. “I think the second episode that I ever did was at the end of Season One and there was a scene where Tom [Selleck] wasn’t happy with what was written. There was a conflict that Garrett had to step in and bust the Commissioner’s chops about how he’s dealing with the Mayor.

“Tom said, ‘What would you really say, Greg, if this was going on?’ I replied, ‘If this was really going on, I would say, ‘You’re an idiot! What you did just there was stupid!'” Jbara said. “Tom goes, ‘Alright. You should say that.'”

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Recalled Moment Where His Advice Was Welcome by Tom Selleck

Jbara catches himself laughing for a minute about the “Blue Bloods” moment.

“I was like, ‘Oh! I better be careful about what I say because Tom is really listening to me. My character really does bust in the door and tells the Commissioner, ‘You’re an idiot!'” Jbara said. “He responds, ‘Thank you very much.’ And then they go on to be absolutely candid.”

“Blue Bloods” opened its new season on Friday, Oct. 1. The police drama stars Selleck as NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan. Jbara’s Garrett Moore is one of Frank’s close confidantes and trusted staff members.

Others on the show include Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes, Vanessa Ray, and Len Cariou.

Eddie Janko Speaks Up In Dinner Scene and Allows Reagans To Show Softer Side

When the Season 12 premiere was shown on CBS, a familiar set-up also provided a moment of tenderness and vulnerability. “Blue Bloods” fans might not see the Reagan family in this light, but they all feel a bit beaten down in the opening show.

All of the main characters have been faced with serious matters that had left them frustrated.

One of those is Jamie’s wife Eddie Janko, played by Vanessa Ray.

She was listening to her partner in the field as an NYPD officer. That partner is thinking about leaving the police force.

Eddie asked if other Reagan family members had thought about quitting their jobs before.

Well, everyone around the table said yeah in some way. It was one of those moments where “Blue Bloods” lets a human side from the Reagans pop out.

Those dinner scenes are always a vital part of any episode that has one. Usually, Frank, who sits as the head of the table, will offer a word or two of sound advice.