‘Blue Bloods’: How One TV Veteran Extended His Role on the Series

by Joe Rutland

The cast of Blue Bloods has a lot of veteran actors from around show business. So, how did one TV veteran happen to stretch out his stay?

We will check on that with some help from Looper. But we can say, with some reasonable amount of certainty, is that the veteran was not Tom Selleck.

Yet there is a connection between this actor and Selleck’s Frank Reagan. It is a member of the NYPD commissioner’s “inner circle.” You’ve seen Sid Gormley, right? So, the actor’s name is Robert Clohessy, who is the son of a real-life police officer.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Was Just Set for One-Episode Spot But That All Changed

He originally was set to simply be in one episode of Blue Bloods. Apparently, his chemistry with Danny Reagan actor Donnie Wahlberg was so good that he stuck around. Boy, did he! Now as a Special Assistant to the Commissioner, he’s involved in deep discussions on a regular basis.

Clohessy did not want to be a policeman in real life but does admit to knowing how to play them. He tells TV Media that, ultimately, “You become what you resist, and it rubs off on you.”

What does he do on the show, besides helping out Frank with decisions? Sid discusses Commissioner policies with rank-and-file officers. Oh, Gormley has a wife, Sheila, played by Cady Huffman, and two kids. But don’t forget that on Blue Bloods, Sid is a dedicated and tough New York Police Department officer.

Chlossey Made A Solid Appearance On NBC Drama ‘Hill Street Blues’

Chlossey and Gormley have been on the CBS police drama for 12 seasons and he’s not going anywhere soon. When did he first start playing police officers? Way back on the legendary NBC drama Hill Street Blues starring Daniel J. Travanti. Chlossey got 20 episodes under his belt in that show’s final season in 1986-87.

The Blue Bloods star would go on and appear with Pat Morita on Ohara and in another show titled Laurie Hill. The actor also appeared in movies like Angels in the Outfield and TV dramas like Homicide: Life On The Street.

Then, back in 1999, he started appearing in the HBO series Oz as correctional officer Sean Murphy. It was a likable role and cemented Chlossey as a go-to actor for prestige dramas and procedurals.

He did have a part in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire. Chlossey was Alderman Jim Neary, a former ally of Nucky Thompson, played by Steve Buscemi, whose betrayal eventually gets him assassinated in Season 2.

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