‘Blue Bloods’: How Tom Selleck Has Helped Teach Co-star Vanessa Ray

by Leanne Stahulak

“Blue Bloods” might be a show about a family, but sometimes the cast feels like a family too. Just ask star Vanessa Ray, who sings the praises of all her fellow actors.

But in a 2014 interview with Niagra Frontier Publications, the actress who plays Officer Eddie Janko gave a shoutout to one cast member in particular.

Tom Selleck is like a genius, brilliant human being, who I’m so lucky to even get to be around,” Ray said in the interview. “He’s so, so loving, and so kind, and makes me a better actor. I have to ask him questions about what he thinks about my scenes, and the things that he says are just brilliant.”

Other “Blue Bloods” stars have said similar things about Selleck’s expertise and wisdom in the industry. Ray also took note of his towering good looks.

“I look up to him – I mean, literally look up to him. He’s a giant man! He’s giant,” she said.

Ray also applauded Will Estes, who she spends the most time filming with. Ray’s character Eddie and Estes’ Jamie Reagan are married now, though at the time of the interview, they hadn’t gotten together yet.

“Oh, gosh, it’s so complicated with those two,” Ray said at the time. “They’re so complicated!”

Before the writers decided to put the two together, Ray didn’t really have a preference which way the relationship went. So long as it felt right for the characters and she got to keep working with Estes.

“I will be as blown away as anybody … if it goes either direction,” Ray said. “I have arguments for both sides of the coin. But I just hope that whatever happens is the right thing for the show, and is the right thing for them as human beings. Anything that keeps me working with (Will) makes me happy.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Vanessa Ray Opens Up About On-Set Shenanigans

Back in 2014, “Blue Bloods” star Vanessa Ray hadn’t spent a ton of time on set with the other actors. And though that’s quickly changed in the last few years, at the time, she appreciated every opportunity to hang out with the other cast members.

“They’ve been writing in stuff where we all kind of get to even, like, high-five each other in a hall,” Ray said. “It’s a fun day to shoot, will all our quirky personalities.”

Ray gets along with one actor in particular who shares a lot of the same habits as her.

“There’s a lot of singing and dancing when Donnie and I are working together because we both like to sing and dance a bit,” the “Blue Bloods” star explained. She claimed the two have a “tap-dancing personality.”

“I definitely think Marisa and Will anchor us,” Ray concluded.