‘Blue Bloods’: How It Was Nearly All Over for Danny Reagan on Last Night’s Episode

by Madison Miller

For a few minutes during last night’s episode of “Blue Bloods,” fans thought they were maybe going to have to say goodbye to Danny Reagan.

Danny Reagan is the oldest son of Frank Reagan and works as an NYPD detective. He is the main protagonist of the series and is portrayed by Donnie Wahlberg.

Last night’s episode, “Be Smart or Be Dead” was exciting for fans for a lot of different reasons. One of which was the fact that viewers finally got to see Danny and his younger brother Jamie working together again.

It certainly wasn’t under the best circumstances though.

Danny Reagan Near-Death Experience on ‘Blue Bloods’

Danny was the target of a cartel hit and Jamie was assigned to keep him safe and out of harm’s way.

It all started to go downhill when Danny was visiting his late wife Linda (played by Amy Carlson) at the cemetery. There was a moment in which fans thought he would join his dead wife very, very soon. He was sweetly speaking to his late wife when Elena Marquez (played by Annelise Cepero) walked up to him gun in hand. Fortunately, Danny made it out alive. She planned to kill him but never pulled the trigger and was later arrested instead.

Jamie then asked his brother to assist in the investigation because he believed Danny could get some additional information out of Elena. Jamie stayed right by Danny’s side throughout the interrogation.

Getting to Munoz

The duo eventually learns that Elena was hired to kill Danny. She claimed that in order to leave the cartel she had to kill a cop. She desperately wanted to get out because she recently learned that she is pregnant.

Elena was given a firm ultimatum — help them lock up Munoz or have the baby in prison. They decide to later stage Danny’s death and pin it on Elena. The goal is to get Munoz to admit he ordered to hit in the first place.

It all ended with a dramatic “Blue Bloods” style ambush into their hideout. Elena signals for help while she’s going through with the plan. The team rushes in and Elena smacks Munoz over the head and puts a knife to his throat. They eventually convince her to not kill her rapist because it would mean a jail sentence.

“If I have a son, I hope he turns out just like you, detective,” she says to Danny. Seeing as Danny keeps having near-death moments, the baby probably shouldn’t be just like the detective.

The family has dealt with death in the past. Joe Reagan was another sibling who died in the line of duty. Mary Margaret Reagan was the wife of Frank and she also passed away. Linda’s death was one of the most impactful. She died off-screen in a helicopter crash.