‘Blue Bloods’: How Will Abigail Baker Help in Frank Reagan’s Latest Battle?

by John Jamison
Photo by John Paul Filo. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Abigail Baker is the aide we all need in our lives. The detective played by Abigail Hawk on Blue Bloods always seems to have Frank Reagan’s back. Now, with a big decision coming in this week’s episode, how will she factor into the NYPD Commissioner’s thought process?

The hit CBS police drama shared yet another photo from the upcoming episode titled “Reality Check.” In it, we see Baker in Frank’s office looking resolved. Is she concerned? It’s hard to tell. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

We know that Tom Selleck’s Blue Bloods character often opens his office floor up to discussion. It’s possible that what we’re seeing here is Frank trying to weigh the pros and cons of appearing on a controversial podcast. It looks like Baker might be offering her opinion, but again, it’s hard to really know until Friday rolls around.

We already know where Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara) stands on the issue. He refers to the podcast invitation as a “trap” for the NYPD Commissioner in the promo video. We’ll have to wait and see where Baker stands. One thing’s for sure, fans love her involvement, and many would like to see her do more.

And there were plenty more echoing these sentiments in the replies to the Blue Bloods tweet.

Abigail Hawk and Tom Selleck’s Relationship Beyond ‘Blue Bloods’

Baker and Frank share a close bond on Blue Bloods. But it may surprise fans to learn that Abigail Hawk and Tom Selleck are somewhat close when the cameras aren’t rolling too.

“I have absolutely adored Tom, and I’m exceedingly grateful for him. He has really been a huge champion of mine,” Hawk told PopCulture in 2019. “I appreciate the fact that he recognized that I had a lot I want to say in the industry, and he’s a huge advocate for women.

And just as Baker does in the show, Abigail Hawk has Tom Selleck’s ear.

“I have a seat at the table with him, if that makes sense. Even though I’m much younger than him, much greener in every sense of the word, he never makes me feel less than… We talk on the same level. We have wonderful discussions,” she continued.