‘Blue Bloods’: Is Frank Embracing New Technology in Upcoming Episode?

by John Jamison

We know you Outsiders are champing at the bit for Blue Bloods Friday. After a Thanksgiving break, the show is back on December 3, and the promo video promises some interesting storylines. Did you ever imagine Tom Selleck’s Commissioner Frank Reagan would make an appearance on a podcast?

Well, it’s looking like that may become a reality on this week’s episode, titled “Reality Check.” And it seems like it might even be a major source of conflict. Deputy Commissioner Garrett Moore (Gregory Jbara) cautions Frank against going on the podcast. He tells the NYPD Commissioner that it’s an obvious trap and that the host will try to slip him up.

Tom Selleck’s character, on the other hand, doesn’t seem worried in the least. “It’s just a podcast,” Frank Reagan says with a shrug. We know Frank can handle himself, but he may be underestimating the new wave of podcasting as a powerful news medium.

The people of New York in the world of Blue Bloods would love to hear from their police commissioner in such an informal setting. But one wrong word or phrase and Frank Reagan could easily paint himself in a bad light. He’s a man of the people, after all. So Garrett would be hard-pressed to stop him from communicating.

The promo even shows a clip of the podcaster asking Selleck’s character if he’s ready, then shows Frank folding a piece of paper and answering with a resolved, “Yeah.” At any rate, it’s an interesting situation for the police commissioner in his early 70s.

Elsewhere, the episode follows Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) as he goes through Anthony (Steve Schirripa) to solve a double homicide. It appears as if Anthony’s cousin might be involved in some way. If only having information on the suspect.

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