‘Blue Bloods’: Is This Season 4 Moment Danny Reagan’s Most Selfish of the Whole Show?

by Joe Rutland

Everyone who watches Blue Bloods knows that Danny Reagan can be a kind of hot head at times. But selfish? Oh boy, here is a moment.

Let us get a little insight from an article on Looper involving Danny Reagan. Obviously, actor-musician Donnie Wahlberg plays him and has since Day One. Yep, he’s been around a bit.

We just know that family can cause problems. Even among the Reagans when Danny butts heads with sister Erin Reagan, played by Bridget Moynahan. Her role as Assistant DA finds many of his arrests on her desk. So, she has to prosecute criminals based on his evidence or lack of it.

‘Blue Bloods’ Episode Finds Danny Right In The Middle Of It With Erin

Unwritten Rules, which is the first episode of Season 4, finds Jamie (Will Estes) and Janko (Vanessa Ray) respond to a jewelry store robbery. Sadly, another police officer is killed on Blue Bloods. Danny gets the case and finds a witness, but the older woman cannot ID the suspect without Danny helping her. That testimony and his handling of the witness made Erin have to release the suspect.

This sparks up a bit of business between them both and, yes, there is an argument. But it pits the police wing of the Reagan family against Erin. This stuff becomes a conflict between the NYPD and the prosecutor’s office. Why? Officers staged a “blue flu,” which is a real-life union tactic. It simply amounts to an illegal strike, where officers all over the city call in sick in protest.

Danny has a need to be right and that probably caused a lot of cases to be undermined across New York City. He has to put away a criminal in his own way, which is just selfish.

Oh boy. Danny is a Detective First Grade in the NYPD, a single father, and the eldest brother of the Reagan clan. But he has this Reagan trait of being strong, duty-bound, and honorable. Also, his flaws on Blue Bloods include stubbornness, self-righteousness, and being prone to outbursts. 

Blue Bloods airs on Friday nights on CBS

Did you know that he also was a fan of another show on TV? Yes. He follows Yellowstone like many of us.

The show just wrapped up season 4 and it will be a wait for Season 5 to start in May. That said, like many of the series fans, Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg is equally excited for Yellowstone’s upcoming season, sharing as much on his Twitter account.

“Tonight had me all in my feelings. Hope we haven’t seen the last of Jimmy — or should I say “Jim” — aka @_JeffersonWhite! Can’t wait for the next season! Love this show. #YellowstoneTV” is what he wrote.