‘Blue Bloods’: Jamie Gets Highlighted Ahead of Episode Focused on New Discoveries

by Leanne Stahulak

After a brief hiatus, “Blue Bloods” finally returns this week on Friday, Jan. 6. And based on the episode description, it sounds like Jamie Reagan will be front and center.

According to TV bloggers Matt & Jess Carter, “Blue Bloods” Season 12 Episode 10 is titled “Old Friends.” The name seems to reference an old friend of Jamie’s, who he learns some surprising things about during the episode.

The official synopsis reads, “Jamie makes a concerning discovery about a former mentor as he helps a neighbor handle a gambling debt.”

Perhaps Jamie will feel conflicted about the new discovery concerning his former mentor. As a police officer, he has a specific duty to carry out that could involve arresting this “old friend.” But on the other hand, maybe his devotion to his former mentor will cloud his judgment.

Nobody understands that sort of situation better than Jamie’s wife, Eddie. In the photo above, you can see the “Blue Bloods” couple talking seriously, likely about Jamie’s former mentor. Will Jamie listen to Eddie and consider her past experiences, though? Or insist that his perspective is the correct one?

Here’s What Else We can Expect From ‘Blue Bloods’ Season 12 Episode 10

Aside from the plotline about Jamie, this upcoming “Blue Bloods” episode also brings back a familiar face: Maria Baez! The longtime detective, played by Marisa Ramirez, got shot during the last episode to air in December. For a second, fans worried whether she’d pull through, but it looks like Baez is back in action.

Matt & Jess Carter delivered the good news earlier this week. While scouring CBS’s photos for the upcoming episode, they saw Baez and Danny Reagan standing together, on the job. It looks like Danny will need Baez’s help for a new case, which CBS outlined in the episode description below.

“An illegal drug shipment arriving in New York City forces Danny to partner up with his Texas Ranger associate, Major Waylon Gates (Lyle Lovett), to find the narcotics before they flood the streets,” the description reads. “Also, Jamie makes a concerning discovery about a former mentor as he helps a neighbor handle a gambling debt, and Frank receives pushback from Mayor Chase over his handling of a brawl between demonstrators and police officers at a protest.”

While Baez isn’t directly mentioned in the description, the picture says a lot. Perhaps the three of them will team up to take down the drug shipment together. Or, Danny and Major Waylon Gates could at least consult with Baez to get the best angle on the case. She might not be combat-ready as she recovers from her injury.

But make sure you tune into CBS this Friday, Jan 7, to catch the latest “Blue Bloods” episode.