‘Blue Bloods’: Jamie Realizes His Mentor Has a Dark Side in Upcoming Episode

by Joe Rutland

Everyone looks up to someone in their lives. Some are fortunate enough to call them a mentor. Well, Blue Bloods character Jamie Reagan is in for a rude awakening in the next episode.

Will Estes plays Jamie Reagan in the CBS police drama. Yet he’s going to find out some discouraging news about a mentor of his. Outsiders, let’s get more details about this from an article from Matt & Jess.

One bit of news about this next new episode appearing on Jan. 7, 2022, is that it is called Old Friends.

We turn our eyes to a part of a synopsis of this Blue Bloods episode. It reads: “Jamie makes a concerning discovery about a former mentor as he helps a neighbor handle a gambling debt.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Mentor for Jamie Might Have Helped Lead Him To Become Cop

This title might be referring to someone that could not only be a mentor but a friend, too. Did this mentor teach Jamie how to be a police officer? If that’s so, then maybe Jamie feels a debt of gratitude should be paid to this man.

Of course, it might be that Jamie is simply showing his caring side toward this guy.

Looking ahead to 2022, Outsiders, there is a little bit of hope toward seeing Jamie and his wife Eddie, played by Vanessa Ray, having better days on Blue Bloods.

One scenario may find Eddie taking and acing the Sergeant’s exam. Should that happen, then more fireworks from their part of the NYPD will hit the TV screen.

There is another point to be made about this Jan. 7 episode. Lyle Lovett returns as Texas Ranger Waylon Gates and teams up with Detective Danny Reagan, played by Donnie Wahlberg.

Blue Bloods can be seen on Friday nights at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central on CBS.

Will Estes Answers Burning Question: Are Jamie and Eddie Ready For Kids?

Sure, sure, we have all this drama going on with Estes’ character in Blue Bloods.

But there is a more serious question: Are Jamie and Eddie ready to have kids on the show?

Estes forked over an answer during a recent interview with Looper.

“Yeah, I think Jamie could do it,” he said. “I think Jamie is ready for it. I definitely think Eddie could do it. The trick would be, like a lot of people find these days if everybody’s working, who’s watching the kids? You can obviously hire people and get help.

“And a lot of people do, but depending on your hours, that can be an intense situation,” Estes said. “I know a lot of people find it’s difficult to have a dog holding down a full-time job. Could the characters do it? Absolutely, yeah.”