‘Blue Bloods’: Jenny McCarthy Split Between Watching ‘Yellowstone’ and Superfan Husband Donnie Wahlberg

by Shelby Scott

While “Blue Bloods” prepares for its midseason return to CBS this Friday, January 7th, series star Donnie Wahlberg (Danny Reagan) revealed his super-fanaticism for “Yellowstone” during the other hit series finale on Sunday. Therefore, as the “Blue Bloods” star was locked on “Yellowstone,” Wahlberg’s wife, Jenny McCarthy, was unsure who she should be watching during the series’ final episode. Check out her humorous TikTok below.

The first few moments capture a scene from “Yellowstone,” while the rest features our beloved “Blue Bloods” star in his best series-themed get-up. Sporting a larger-than-life cowboy hat, Dutton Ranch jacket, and a silver flask, fans can’t help but adore the Danny Reagan actor even more.

“I don’t know who to watch,” McCarthy wrote above the post, followed by a handful of laughing emojis.

After which, followers weighed in with their own thoughts.

“The correct answer,” began one of McCarthy’s followers, “is Rip AND Donnie,” which was followed by an adoring heart-eyed emoji.

Another follower wrote, “I don’t watch Yellowstone but seeing Donnie with the flask seems to feel like the right vibe!! Ps watch Donnie and then Yellowstone again after.”

There’s one good way to solve the issue.

Even the “Yellowstone” official Twitter page took to the comments to share their love for the “Blue Bloods” star, simply writing, “Love it!” below the post.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Annoyed with One Repeating Word on Show

While Donnie Wahlburg just gave Outsiders one more reason to love him, fans of “Blue Bloods” recently took social media to share their thoughts about one consistent phrase uttered in every single episode of the procedural drama.

Numerous television dramas boast some kind of repetitive statement or catchphrase that viewers learn to listen for with each new episode. For “NCIS” fans, prior to the departure of the iconic Agent Gibbs, that might have been his signature line, “Grab your gear.”

Meanwhile over on NBC’s “Chicago Fire,” “One Chicago” fans know to expect drama when Chief Boden exclaims, “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!”

As for “Blue Bloods,” that repeating phrase is simply “forthwith,” which literally translates to “without any delay.”

In terms of a procedural cop show, it makes sense then that this word might appear more often than not. However, it’s been getting on “Blue Bloods” fans’ nerves, with many claiming they’ve never used the term a day in their lives.

One fan shared, “Anyone else annoyed that someone says the term forthwith in every episode? I can honestly say I’ve never used the term in my 45+ years.”

The statement, overall, got a lot of feedback.

Another “Blue Bloods” fan explained, “‘Forthwith’ is code for ’emergency’ in both the NYPD and FDNY. Not saying it would be akin to not saying ‘stat’ on a medical drama.”

That said, it looks like showrunners won’t be phasing out the phrase any time soon, so we might as well adapt and continue to enjoy the newest adventures our cast members take us through.